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Red Bull Bike
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24. 01. 2024





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@LeViIain Před měsícem
The kind of sport that doesn't allow for mistakes, huge respect to those guys.
@velha2999 Před měsícem
it does allow but only small mistakes
@smartsmartie7142 Před měsícem
I mean you can make one mistake
@LeViIain Před měsícem
@@smartsmartie7142 You make one mistake*
​@@smartsmartie7142 which mistake?
@straysoul1818 Před 28 dny
@@HimanshuKumar-nu9bwthey mean that technically, you CAN make a mistake, but that will cause you an accident.
@ousui Před 3 dny
@user-qt6fd4qb9b Před 2 dny
@user-gn7km6vi8u Před 3 hodinami
シンでもおかしくないぐらいすげー祭りですね🎉 流石に宮川大輔さんはやらない祭り
@acura75 Před 2 hodinami
@alisterramos7907 Před hodinou
​@@acura75algo sorprendente
Congratulations, you advanced to the highest level of cycling expertise
@pranggakusumawardhana2409 Před 11 hodinami
Badly have a great day😭😭 have the money 💘 have the same one as well as the way to the way to the yard to the money 💘
@MzEllaful Před 11 dny
That's probably one of the safest redbull courses I've seen in a while.
@irdinasofia2503 Před 11 dny
@leidyaguilar7540 Před 10 dny
Es en colombia 🎉🎉
@ceasarblack20 Před 9 dny
No Red Bull posters anywhere, I doubt That's sponsored by Red Bull.
@ryanallen3704 Před 9 dny
​@ceasarblack20 It's literally on the red bulls youtube channel 😂🤷🤦
@alexhenao7072 Před 9 dny
​@@leidyaguilar7540Segura?? Yo pense que era en Valparaiso, Chile 🤷🏽‍♂️
@deewhynsw2099 Před 3 dny
That crowd is the best , Colombian people are great, love the video !!!!
@url0cal733 Před 5 dny
whenever i see someone doing sum crazy, i always red bull is right there beside them
@enzo45ai Před 12 hodinami
Sabe oq é mais legal é que uma das rampas tinha uma marca concorrente
@hzuki155 Před 11 hodinami
It gives you wings to the pearly gates ja
@adorabagel8916 Před 26 dny
Red bull: do you wish to live? Guy: no Red bull: you are hired
Guy:im here to file a complaint,why am i still alive?!
@hardscope7744 Před 25 dny
@l.s989 Před 25 dny
There's a mountain dew ad also in the video
@user-bp4lb6ek3q Před 25 dny
@russia5228 Před 25 dny
@@cerjr.officialvlogs6222 didn’t work hard enough
@user-ys7vt2fu5s Před 5 dny
Mis respetos al ciclista y a los creadores de la cámara, al ciclista por impresionante recorrido y al creador de la cámara por un video tan fluido y estable a pesar de tanto movimiento, de igual manera los organizadores del evento se le da esas gracias y respeto
@Agrellar Před 5 dny
"what do you want to be when you grow up?" "The coolest dude in the country."
@jacewhycry7783 Před 21 dnem
When everybody is cheering for you, you just dont disappoint them.
@PreppyRB Před 17 dny
He cant get distracted when he does those stunts
@Pdiddy860 Před 4 dny
That backdrop is amazing, the rider was equally as great!
If this is the speed this was done, that is mighty impressive and scary.
@Baldiback41 Před 24 dny
An ordinary person: why did you put a lot of stairs here Architect:to get the redbull bike off here
@Onionaniamtions Před 20 dny
Isn't he sponsored by monster tho
Comment dosent even make sense
@user-cm7fg4fe7u Před 5 dny
めっちゃいい景色✨ 地元にもこんな場所あったらいいのに
@akikowada-osechi Před 6 dny
It seems the driver does multiple JUMP ACTIONS like Mario Kart 😂
@Lee_Hyusno Před 26 dny
The whole country came to support him.
@gtsere5014 Před 25 dny
Which country is this tho ?
@kristopher_roblox Před 25 dny
@@gtsere5014 I think it’s Colombia
​@@kristopher_robloxBro it can also be chile
No, he is right😅It's Colombia 😂​@@Stevencuentaendelincuencia
@janabeva5051 Před 25 dny
@@valentinacorrea5278chile, Valparaíso
@deadbloom7644 Před 3 dny
*videos like this make me cry, when u rlly think about it humans are so cute for eachother*
This is the closest thing we’ll get to a live action Excitebike movie
This man is a genius. The cameraman never dies. He decided to do something crazy AND be the cameraman. What a legend.
@jonekendy8957 Před 11 dny
Underrated comment
@user-sx1ec9ij2u Před 11 dny
@user-sx1ec9ij2u Před 11 dny
@Matrix_932 Před 11 dny
Cringe comment
Is a girl, her name is Valentina.
@user-dt2xt4yq2o Před 3 dny
マジで凄いと思う反面、恐怖心母胎に置いてきたんか……?って気持ちがどうしても湧いてしまう。 ひとつのミスが命取りになる競技実施者はやっぱ色々と凄いわ……
@Who_could_this_be_now Před 2 hodinami
I’d probably fall before I even saw the bike😭😭😭
@Inkachu Před 20 dny
This is so impressive. I can't imagine how great that feels
@abir1b320 Před 18 dny
Bro if i did this bro i die
@hampter3300 Před 17 dny
@@abir1b320not if you were a professional biker ofc
@SMO0412 Před 11 dny
@brunajesus5417 Před 8 dny
@brunajesus5417 Před 8 dny
@MissJJoan Před 17 hodinami
Makes me feel like I’m there doing the obstacle course. Love it!
@lowercaseH_ Před 5 dny
“Rollin’ around at the speed of sound…”
@Oteysi Před měsícem
The consequences of falling off bro💀 Mad Respect 🤟
@sathimridha2084 Před 26 dny
@user-pn2rk2sc8o Před 25 dny
@gavinwelch9110 Před 4 dny
This guy rode next to me during long rides in the car as a child
Imagine walking on one of those stairs and seeing a guy on his bike going faster than the speed of sound.
@princessj9322 Před 13 dny
Dude got the whole city watching him Edit 1:OMG HAVEN'T GOTTEN THIS MUCH LIKES BEFORE
@GodOfDestruction_ Před 12 dny
whole lobby spectating
@therubberduck78 Před 12 dny
@@GodOfDestruction_ lmao
@newtimesnew Před 12 dny
for like 2 seconds
@churro1515 Před 12 dny
​@@GodOfDestruction_used in this program for years now with sauce over over your kitchen or your own garden in your your home for for kitchen kitchen be be 6.30am for a little more more to clean the house before we go on vacation or we will go with a new place in a good neighborhood so that I don't need theorange or white and the goat are in my house so you will need it draco and you have the niro for the lemmings r you and I loves the goat of your home look that stuff you guys made and how to use a few things I think we need a bit better and better to leave in time to go home look for you in your home look and see what I could get to see the lemmings for this when is the best for us and I love that we have dragon
@zesuper Před 8 hodinami
I love this spirit of make use. No space for a course they use what they got.
@mjcl005 Před 3 dny
i liked this so much! gained a sub
@dot-to-dot Před 25 dny
Hope he had all the children he ever wanted before this ride.
@theonlybrowninja Před 23 dny
My honest reaction: 😐
@louinth Před 23 dny
@therandomgoat2908 Před 23 dny
For those who didn't get it, his balls are probably gonna be destroyed from constantly landing on the seat. He probably has some sort of protection, tho.
@mrjiddly565 Před 23 dny
@@therandomgoat2908You don’t one on the seat usually unless you mess up.
@YourMother1738 Před 23 dny
You don’t sit down when doing that, you stand up the whole time on the bike.
@NivaanJha Před 4 dny
What a beautiful city
@cosmicsunshines Před 4 dny
i could watch these kinds of videos all day
@jojo622 Před 19 dny
This is insane. He keeps pushing forward even when he has to process each move perfectly.
@ValdemarViera Před 14 dny
@helenziting4176 Před 5 dny
so cool respect he must be extremely nervous
@purepro4561 Před 5 dny
The bike scene in Luca goes crazy
@gio2275 Před 15 dny
"It's funny how you feel most alive when you're closest to death" - Steezy Kane
@pist0lsm0k3 Před 13 dny
"I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death" -Caustic, Apex Legends.
@consoleblockfruits Před 13 dny
"Livin' Like Larry" - Patrick
@KissDavid-qh9sf Před 13 dny
Corramos de los ciclistas de escaleras o nos caen encima
That looks absolutely terrifying and amazing!
@user-qo3vs7dz5o Před 6 dny
This looks so scary like even the mistake could end it respect dude💯💯💯
@valdi4292 Před 23 dny
It would be great to have drons filming so we could see different angles of this because its amazing
@user-pb3xp4yx1j Před 21 dnem
@mosukuwa9294 Před 20 dny
That happened in Latin America, we don't have much budget.
@nick7938 Před 19 dny
@mosukuwa9294 the event took place in a favela region in Brazil where it is a more dangerous part of the cities, so I believe they would not include it for safety reasons.
@judirade Před 19 dny
@@nick7938 it wasn't in a fabela it was in Manizales Caldas, a city in Colombia.
@@nick7938it’s no a Favela. It’s n Manizales, Colombia, there is a week each year where the city is in celebration, and among the scheduled activities is going to watch bicycle races.
@skyecloud968 Před 4 dny
This needs to be part of the olympics.
@MustangWriter Před 2 dny
Wow. The people in that town really like their bike races
@HVACR22 Před 13 dny
Luca is GOING to win that Vespa, I’m telling you.
@Squishmellow7 Před 12 dny
@rashadjenkins6211 Před 12 dny
I was literally scared just watching that
@magaliavendano1774 Před 12 dny
bro played the exact scene
@Xzsleepybearz Před 12 dny
“Silencio bruno”
@layyerr Před 12 dny
yeeeaaahhh, i'm reemember this!
@JoelTDan Před 5 dny
This is the coolest and most scariest thing I seen. Illve watching every minute of it. This dude has guts of steel that most metals look at him and say damn!
@sergeyatm5968 Před 3 dny
Redbull: Hmmm a monster ad will be perfect in the end of our ad
@tancaroline7993 Před 26 dny
Bike : 🕊️ i believe i can fly
@vort3xx_x Před 24 dny
I mean it is redbull soooo
@hgs3984 Před 24 dny
Rider : I believe I can touch the sky~~
@SB-fi7oe Před 3 dny
Que máquina, no se puede equivocar. Mínima duda o equivocacion y pal piso
@canonballz8346 Před 4 dny
Very clean run and I can’t watch this without feeling all those stairs in my feet
@ree252 Před 11 dny
@user.mo. Před 9 dny
それな…完璧すぎて怖い笑 (日本語のコメントが2番目にあってめっちゃありがたかったですすすす)
@DarylNelson-zr8jx Před 9 dny
tffty e vc 🍑🇦🇱🇧🇷​@@DarylNelson-zr8jx
@gabrielxd12358 Před 9 dny
@ree252 Před 9 dny
@KrispyAimAssist Před 5 dny
This is sickkkk Imagine someone just stuck their hand out and grabbed the handbars when he was going down those stairs 💀
El kick Buttowski del barrio 🗿
Dude trusts his bike more than i trust my family I love my family
@asimashraf949 Před 20 dny
u sound like a wholesome dude keep it up
@anakinvader9120 Před 19 dny
*Dom Toretto liked your message*
Yes but they can't trust you.
@meonair Před 5 dny
Best tgk org kaya yg humble ramah lagi
That one cartel delivery guy when he has 1 minute to deliver the package:
@oniichan1123 Před 12 dny
Channel: redbull bike Ad at the end of the course: monster
@TomBradshaw-ot9zb Před 12 dny
monster sponsored redbull who sponsored red bulls who sponsored monsters who sponsored red bull
@SloshifyShorts Před 11 dny
​@@TomBradshaw-ot9zb Understandable, have a great day.
You have an 👁 for detail
@TomBradshaw-ot9zb Před 11 dny
@@SloshifyShorts lets extract the canola oil from monsters energy drinks and use it to deep fry breaded red bull balls
@flippertony3098 Před 6 dny
... HUGE respect
@daddio159 Před 3 dny
Wild, yet amazing!
@Zoommctoom Před 24 dny
That wall run was crazy MAD RESPECT🤟🤟🤟🤘 Edit:OH MY GOD MOM IM FAMOUS
@waynedelara7485 Před 23 dny
@shifterfr97 Před 23 dny
@wendeez7045 Před 22 dny
Bro think he youtube
@alfielegate-py4sq Před 22 dny
@maggie0285 Před 5 dny
Love the energy!
@neroultimate1 Před 2 dny
Pov: the whole town is supporting you.
@azcardguy7825 Před 11 dny
I participated in a down hill race like this in Argentina through a neighborhood back in 2010 and it was awesome. Having crowds of people all around was insane.
@adrianbrahimi1542 Před 3 dny
This is what my route to work looks like too. But where is my sponsor and my fans?❤
The last ski jump had a Monster Energy logo on it 😂
@xlabeatz Před 13 dny
This track looks awesome 🔥 And your control is crazy 🙏
Valparaíso, Chile🇨🇱🇨🇱🙏.
@AmandaTucker-zc8ho Před 12 dny
@sookie2013. Před 5 dny
​@@marianoldeazafiro8837 COLOMBIA*
This is awesome!
@TheWhite_Arrow Před 6 dny
Terrifying yet satisfying
@PAIN-pw5ch Před 15 dny
Bro is not just biking , he is dueling with the death rn
@pericopinero1035 Před 13 dny
Red Bull gives you (angel) wings
@Quangthanh8888 Před 5 dny
so impressive and unbeliveable
@nigemaguire7863 Před 3 dny
Graphics on that game are amazing
@mantonett6283 Před 13 dny
This is what America needs, supportive people that will cheer you on for anything. Not the opposite.
@Mundo_al_Cuadrado Před 12 dny
The people of Latinoamerica isnt that good, most of people judge anothers life for almost anything an ever thing that their posture is the rigth even if they don't really now anything about what they're arguing. I saw it My entire life
Latin Americans will support something if it's cool enough
@Milk-ck1wv Před 12 dny
America has this? what are you talking about
@Milk-ck1wv Před 12 dny
plus just because a lot of people came to support someone it doesn't mean that's how all the people are
@nilodelmundo Před 12 dny
Im not america but i can guarantee most of this people where their to see if the guy would fail. Its a morbid fascination of humanity regardless of race and ethnicity
@modz_259 Před 6 dny
Increíble. Magníficamente increíble
@sunnydupree Před 2 dny
That was amazing
@user-hm6ee6vx4c Před 19 dny
Pdj pt el Kim Jon ung me la pla
@user-wu4ei1gy1z Před 18 dny
@user-wu4ei1gy1z Před 18 dny
@user-wu4ei1gy1z Před 18 dny
@Otoge_ma_1784 Před 18 dny
@Miruru0621 Před 4 hodinami
@timgranata3016 Před dnem
Dudes bike is just an extension to his body
@user-hm1mb3qq5v Před 18 dny
すご…!鳥肌立っちゃった。 そしてこのコースの町の地形もすごい。
@Pro_robloxgamersus Před 14 dny
La Paz?
I agree 👍
@juanrealcr7 Před 14 dny
@@Pro_robloxgamersus Medellín, Colombia
@user-ep1ep9xj1n Před 14 dny
@user-gc5vk9dg6e Před 14 dny
@MichealPeggins Před 2 dny
The real legends are the ones that have to climb up that regularly
@Emoji580 Před 5 dny
I Respect you for that bro Respect you deserve that your very Talented
@riddhimaity3786 Před 14 dny
The level of skill this person has is insane😮❤
@parulnaik8049 Před dnem
Redbulls been doing everything than their drinks😂😂😂
@HaydenZeidler Před 2 dny
This is amazing
@fer7571 Před 16 dny
It must be crazy for him that years ago he was for sure insulted while doing that and now he is such a hero
@QuickBread Před 14 dny
@lummunition Před 13 dny
@blingpow8361 Před 13 dny
I get what you’re saying, it’s like saying someone who was very interested in something at a young age and people would talk about that person for liking something and now years later they’re amazing at it & get paid for it and famous for it etc etc
@sonic.fan5537 Před 4 dny
Red bull for sure did give him wings
@cherietan3759 Před 2 hodinami
I am so scared for him. But he is a daredevil😅. The stairs and ramps make it more impressive
@littlekomifish4867 Před 23 dny
Just by watching the video is making my hearts trembling... I couldn't imagine how scare I am on the bike. Keep it going
@Ghostscommentarys Před 19 dny
He’s never more than 6-8 feet off the ground and, isn’t going that fast. Honestly being in a car accident going 20 mph probably is more of an impact than the hardest crash that’s possible on this corse. If this is living dangerously, I am living in threat level midnight.
@rogerengland2821 Před 5 dny
WOW! Flipping insane. 🤯
This random man just going down thousands of stairs with his bike when i can't go down one 😂
@Nasubi_721 Před 19 dny
@tlvrey3153 Před 18 dny
😅 tienes razón pequeña gatita
@user-bl5jy5hv9i Před 16 dny
@liiyu8795 Před 15 dny
Ok, I thought Korean was rare on yt, but Japanese? it's not just strategy, It's luck like hell.
@@tlvrey3153LITTLE KITTEN??
@ryokkiy4662 Před 15 dny
Bro can escape the police with those moves
@kirtanpatel2692 Před 5 dny
This is a Redbull stunt or a monster stunt because, at the last jump, there was a monster logo on-ramp.
@gangstergaming7909 Před 26 dny
"Redbull gave him wings💀🗿"
@lordtop1gg6805 Před 24 dny
Ты больной?
@vamama100 Před dnem
Insane.... Amazing
@narwaffl Před 5 dny
bro's mortality awareness levels are off the charts
@chrissutton2586 Před 13 dny
Dude had the whole damn country behind him
@user-kg3ff9bs8b Před 2 dny
@mendocinobeano Před 3 dny
That's insane!
@CriticalArcheon Před 11 dny
Every food delivery service wants him💀
@monicadelgado663 Před 7 dny
And that’s why mtb is a city bike 😎
@kaku2189 Před 24 dny
Props to the cameraman for staying on top of his head during the entire descent.
@cyawolf115 Před 23 dny
This is a new one
@DJNeonistPurple Před 23 dny
@Boxttell11 Před 23 dny
@_Gam3r Před 23 dny
they always say the cameraman never dies
@user-sr3bh8tf7e Před 23 dny
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