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1k subs without videos, only comments challenge
Welcome to the theater aka the comment section Popcorn 🍿 Small……..5.50 Medium….6.50 Large……..7.50 Snacks 🥨 Nachos……5.75 Hotdog…….3.50 Hotdog nacho combo..8.00 Beverages 🥤 Soft drink (small)..4.50 Soft drink (medium).5.00 Soft drink (large)……5.50 Bottled drink………4.00 Dasani……………….4.50 Combos 1 large popcorn + 1 large drink + candy..18.50 2 regular popcorn + 2 regular drinks + candy…25.50 1 large popcorn + 2 regular drinks + candy….20.50 1 regular popcorn + Dasani…18.50 1 regular popcorn + 1 regular drink + candy…18.00 1 large drink + hotdog + nachos…12.50 VIP menu ⭐️ 🍔 🍺 Cocktails…………………….8.00 Martinis………………………10.00 Beer (glass)…………………8.50 Beer (pitcher)……………….19.00 Beer (bottle)………………….6.50 Burger + mains………………14.00 Salad………………………………15.00 Vip membership= 1 subscribe (JK VIP membership is free sub only if you appreciate my effort in making this) 1like=26.00
Moganambal Gurusamy
Moganambal Gurusamy Před 11 hodinami
Excuse me May I order a 🥗
H Bl
H Bl Před 14 hodinami
@1k subs without videos, only comments challenge thank you sir what about my lp and candy
Kiss-ma-axe Před 17 hodinami
@1k subs without videos, only comments challenge thanks bye!
M Kang
M Kang Před 17 hodinami
I have VIP membership ⭐ One beer and nachos I will pay with my American express platinum card Tysm
Cindaqall Před 20 hodinami
Popcorn pls XD
JJTEAS Před 12 hodinami
That man needs a Oscar
Valentina Andradesolorio
Man needs an oscar, her face at the end says it all 😂😂
Nelythebabyy Před 9 dny
The man needs a Oscar 🖕🫵😅
Igorjast Před 2 dny
terry chiguvare
terry chiguvare Před 3 dny
This needs an Oscar proceeds flip him off
Love yourself
Love yourself Před 14 dny
Bro took "never let them know your next move" to holy another level 💀 Edit : never knew it will blow up BTW thanks for the likes 👀 Edit2: holy moly 1.5k 🖐️💅thnx once again 👀fighting
Semmerr_ Před 6 dny
Last one is 100% approved yeh yeh boi
@priyana magar super magic
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Před 8 dny
Vepra Dwivedi
Vepra Dwivedi Před 12 dny
Her reaction at the last 💀
Soloman Khan
Soloman Khan Před 9 hodinami
Edmond West
Edmond West Před 15 dny
He needs a Oscar for the last one
*tara carpenter*
*tara carpenter* Před 12 dny
@Cw and the Blue Enderman so your saying…. Hes an actress?
Terri Jones
Terri Jones Před 13 dny
I agree
Terri Jones
Terri Jones Před 13 dny
I agree
Jamira Dei Olay -De Guzman
Approved for a oscar
JONOdon Před 3 dny
Dude needs some anti-congestion spray
Florin Maidan
Florin Maidan Před 14 dny
He needs a Oscar for the last one, he scammed us with the middle finger! 😆🤣🤣
waltuh white
waltuh white Před 3 dny
waltuh white
waltuh white Před 3 dny
Lacie Před 9 dny
​@mm Mm rutb
Samridhi Shrestha
Samridhi Shrestha Před 10 dny
omg Dan needs a 10k oscars
DB Lover
DB Lover Před 9 dny
The girl didn't see that coming 💀
goodygamer41 Před 23 dny
Danny in one short: "Theres kids watching this too" Also Danny: Pulls out the middle finger* Edit: I never got this much replies ty
DZIECIAK0 Před 10 hodinami
G.Master: Lord of the G-Force
I have seen kids do infinitely worse things when I was in school.
þ Před 14 dny
​@Erielle R arent 10 yr olds pre-teens
Leonneliz Torres
Leonneliz Torres Před 14 dny
👍 noicee
Amyboobooz Před 15 dny
​@Husayn Khan same
This guy
This guy Před 2 dny
Nice to know that the entire comment section doesn't know what an oscar is for.
Bexdiyar Nehmetzade
Man needs an Oscar, her gece at the end saya it all
MrAlexPlayzVR Před dnem
Everybody gets it
kryptix Před 15 dny
He needs a Oscar for the last one 🤣🤣🤣🤣
*tara carpenter*
*tara carpenter* Před 9 dny
@Estrella Reyes ??
Estrella Reyes
Estrella Reyes Před 10 dny
​@*tara carpenter* ehs8qgsosi
*tara carpenter*
*tara carpenter* Před 14 dny
@kryptix he wasnt acting fooling people is an unexpected thing that you do to someone in a funny or non-funny way so that is not acting and i mean movie acting
kryptix Před 14 dny
@*tara carpenter* well it's funny seeing u comment on alot of the Oscar comments even tho he was acting cuz she thought he did a magic trick but fooled her
Egg_Art Před 2 dny
An Oscar is for acting
Eddoi Wern
Eddoi Wern Před 5 dny
Emily’s face is just so freaking funny
Bro needs an Oscar for the last one 🤣🤣🤣
Artur Kavalli
Artur Kavalli Před 15 dny
Jean Eliabe
Jean Eliabe Před 15 dny
For real 😆
Secret account
Secret account Před 2 dny
Bro, we know what that bottle is. It’s a squash bottle. 😂😂😂
Secret account
Secret account Před 2 dny
Zgniłosz Před 2 dny
With the power of the editing everything is possible
Noor Sul
Noor Sul Před 13 dny
And an Oscar goes to.....
Yama Alfredo Lopes Gouveia
You need an oscar @Vivpat2023
Master Cheif
Master Cheif Před 4 dny
The first one was done because the middle of the big cup was hollow. The second one was a rubber spray can.
Neeyal Ruhial
Neeyal Ruhial Před 9 dny
first one: Its a special type of glass in which the glass is double walled and the juice is only on the sides and not actually inside the cup, then he pours it into the smaller one without showing us the view from the top. second one: I am not sure but I think there was a cut in between.
Arianna Minero
Arianna Minero Před 15 dny
The man needs the OSCAR
meimei Před 13 dny
Nadia Cotoi
Nadia Cotoi Před 14 dny
*tara carpenter*
*tara carpenter* Před 14 dny
an oscar is for acting if you didnt know
Gulafsha Ansari
Gulafsha Ansari Před 14 dny
Haan gujrh
9 ナルト 9 サイフ ممكن أشتراك 00
The real meaning of don't let anyone know your next step 😂😂😂
Matteo27 Před 2 dny
my dumbass not understanding the first one💀
Kerry Před 6 dny
I just remembered how the 1st one works, Ik how the others work
Ivanda Farias Tenorio
He needs a Oscar for the last one lol
Pellymouse Poopypants
@BB and Mike i'm pretty sure the person who commented meant that he was acting really well just to flip her off. it's just an exaggeration but yeah
Jaycenplayzroblox Před 13 dny
@KreekCraft bro thinks he’s kreekcraft
KreekCraft Před 13 dny
@Jaycenplayzroblox its not a freaking joke god dang most of them dont know what an oscar is
Nicolly Gomes
Nicolly Gomes Před 13 dny
É tudo mentira
☺︎︎Sidney Prescott☺︎︎
@Jaycenplayzroblox how is that a joke??? They don’t know the difference between and Oscar and a Award
Insane gaming
Insane gaming Před 12 dny
The real meaning of sigma male
Savage !!!! Lmaooooo
VegetaEditz Před 3 hodinami
My jaw dropped in the 1st one
Jigglypuff Před 5 dny
The 2nd trick is actually used from a rubber bottle.
Easton Cuno
Easton Cuno Před 14 dny
Bros a savage he needs a Oscar for the last one bro took "never let them know your next move"t to holy another level
Man I wish I could edit like that, if only I learnt from Harry Potter 🙄
Kawaii lover
Kawaii lover Před 5 dny
The last trick was definitely the best! 😂
Kay Spark
Kay Spark Před 16 dny
He needs a oscar
Brixi Sanaa
Brixi Sanaa Před 15 dny
Geny Garcia
Geny Garcia Před 15 dny
No the first one it's a surrounding the edge this boy does not need an Oscar magic isn't real 💀💀
Athesia Alonso
Athesia Alonso Před 15 dny
Keon YT Gaming
Keon YT Gaming Před 4 dny
Bro got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Swayum Před dnem
Last one was good 🤣
Aiden Thomas
Aiden Thomas Před 16 dny
Bro needs an Oscar for that last one
Catherine Donley
Catherine Donley Před 8 dny
Foldable "Febreeze" can joined the chat.
Robert Daniels-lane
Robert Daniels-lane Před 12 dny
Well damn, 85% of the people in the comments definitely most have a serious love and interest with the Oscars 🤔
dark devil
dark devil Před 14 dny
Never let them know your next move - shows the finger ---- absolute sigma
Umsara Umsara
Umsara Umsara Před 14 dny
Bruh that is not sigma first know the meaning of sigma
bienvenidict codog
the end 😭😭😭
Mindy Eddington
Mindy Eddington Před 10 dny
Bro really flipped us of 💀👏
Alsu Əliyeva
Alsu Əliyeva Před 3 hodinami
Bu qiz bunun neyidir?
SuPer WiZard
SuPer WiZard Před 22 dny
"There are some kids watching" Truly inspiring words Edit-Why are you telling me your ages?
Dogeshorts1 Před 5 hodinami
Wow congrats man!
G.Master: Lord of the G-Force
@ExactMomentzz To answer your question: Observation Learning/Conditioning Behavior is modified or adapted according to what a person sees someone else doing. It applies to everyone, but children are more susceptible to it. Additionally, children are more likely to imitate it quickly. Adults are more likely to simply learn from it, but will probably not decide to imitate what they see. It may also be a conditioned response. Some may do it simply because they find it funny. They get an urge to jump on the bandwagon. You know what they say, “Monkey see, monkey do”.
SuPer WiZard
SuPer WiZard Před 15 dny
@Omni scissors yup I am tired of these
Omni scissors
Omni scissors Před 15 dny
The hell is with all of these people saying there ages
Zahir Mohammed
Zahir Mohammed Před 15 dny
Im 15 and I have autism-
We have the same exact *No Button* in my class in Greece- And there's that one kid who won't stop clicking it just to make the teacher's nerves break 💀
M@R!A💅 Před 2 dny
Uli R
Uli R Před 7 dny
Bro never let them know your next move lol 👇
Narciso Ibera
Narciso Ibera Před 23 dny
Bro stuck out his middle finger💀☠️
angelica tiberii
angelica tiberii Před 11 dny
Bro 💀💀💀
eniyadivya2022 Před 16 dny
Bro stuck out his middle finger
Forever Před 19 dny
Nahhhhhhhhh really
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe Před 20 dny
@cutehamstershorty youtube humour makes me cringe
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe Před 20 dny
@SiRDeR2012 💀 goofy
NuclearCracker _
NuclearCracker _ Před 2 dny
Man almost got three Yes’es 😂
pilfee Před 10 dny
The magic him being her boyfriend despite the long face…..
Aarush !!
Aarush !! Před 23 dny
Bro when he pulled out the middle finger im like oof... Literally 2 seconds later my brother hearing death sound effects from my room
Tony Před 23 dny
Lejeune Jerome
Lejeune Jerome Před 5 dny
Bien joué mon ami 😂😂😂😂😂
Kainan Před dnem
This is the moment he is sleeping on the streets
Aansh Tomar
Aansh Tomar Před 14 dny
This man needs some Oscar.
Nice editing bro
ray Před 7 dny
he doesn't need an oscar, he needs new magic tricks.
Bohdan games tv
Bohdan games tv Před 15 dny
Give him an Oscar for the last one😂
Amber Carter
Amber Carter Před 15 dny
Khalid Zaghal
Khalid Zaghal Před 15 dny
, 💋💋😍😍🤣🤣
Peyton Sands
Peyton Sands Před 11 dny
This bro crazy
Meko Před 5 dny
How he crushes the bottle in the bag is because the bottle isn’t real. It is actually plastic!😳
sherry...:-) Před 13 dny
Everyone:- He need Oscar Me:- she probably looks like an Indian actress Karishma Kapoor
sherry...:-) Před 10 dny
Ohh really 😅
Isha Aarya
Isha Aarya Před 11 dny
I was actually looking for this comment
Ana Isabel Montano
Ana Isabel Montano Před 7 dny
Omg you're so good
Eleni Katourtzidou
Eleni Katourtzidou Před 9 hodinami
I think the last is my favourite 😂😂
Marie Gramlich
Marie Gramlich Před 23 dny
Flips her off dam got me laughing
Mantosh Před 19 dny
Cook comment aur Jata Hai comment
Mantosh Před 19 dny
Meant culture
Бехруз Дехконов
Real Sigma♕︎♔︎
dj flex
dj flex Před 2 dny
This boy needs a oscar
BrianNotRyan Před 16 dny
Bro flipped her off 💀
Kel Free
Kel Free Před 15 dny
I love keep kicking
Fong Yang
Fong Yang Před 15 dny
I no right
Sana Hopper
Sana Hopper Před 7 dny
Her face at the end tho 😂
FrexB3ar Před 5 dny
when you know most magic trick secrets...
[cinderbell]🌙 Před 14 dny
He doesn’t need the Oscar the Oscar needs him😂
Walaa Bahefzallah
Walaa Bahefzallah Před 7 dny
Copyed comment
Strength For Life
Strength For Life Před 3 dny
God He loves youuuuu
Ruby salla
Ruby salla Před 3 dny
I know how the bag track works The spray can folds am I wrong
Now that, ladies and gentleman, was real sigma
ShadowGaming Před 14 dny
I don't ever wanna miss you
nimueh Před 2 dny
What music is it?
:D 🤍
:D 🤍 Před 12 dny
The last one 😂😂😂
Nezuko Před 18 dny
He did her dirty😂
Arabella Knott
Arabella Knott Před 2 dny
The magic of jumpcuts 😂😂
Cristina Sellers
Cristina Sellers Před 3 dny
I can't blame her what he did
Margie Radz
Margie Radz Před 14 dny
Man don't need an Oscar need him
Ivona Arsovska
Ivona Arsovska Před 12 dny
Koky Farag
Koky Farag Před 13 dny
Hanqr Před dnem
"best magic trick ever" -the magic trick times
Mridul shorts
Mridul shorts Před 9 dny
the last seen was incredible
ZTPatkins Před 23 dny
Fell for the oldest trick in the book💀💀💀
интересно ht77lp69
Arga putra Ardiyanto
vr kid
vr kid Před 23 dny
Deras Před 10 dny
the end is funny lol
ilham maulana
ilham maulana Před dnem
All approved 📸👀🤠
No Před 11 dny
I remember at a restaurant one time there was a magician going around the tables and he made something disappear and I was like, “oh theres two of those, show me ur pocket” and like he got so mad, i just watched and acting amazed the rest of the time- i was like 8
Euna Esau
Euna Esau Před 2 dny
retired hater
retired hater Před 13 dny
No, she need the Oscar
quitlol Před 11 dny
RAMA Před 5 dny
Welcome bro
Fai Zainal
Fai Zainal Před 2 dny
😂😂😂😂😂😂Tree words……Tricks are amazing.Last is the best 😂😂😂
Ryan's Random videos
He needs an oscar
CHAINA NANDI Před 13 dny
He needs an Oscar
bycristhianp34 Před dnem
The ending😂😂😂😂😂
Christopher Hinds
Christopher Hinds Před 23 dny
By the way, if any of you want an example for the first one, there is a little compartment on the outside of the bigger cup, so it makes it look like it’s full but it’s not so there’s just a little bit of an amount in there so if you poured it will be the same exact amount as the other one please tell me if I’m wrong
wasee khan
wasee khan Před 23 dny
Correct I also wanted to say that but I could not but corract
Kimberly Simm
Kimberly Simm Před 23 dny
You are correct and if anybody wants to exclamation to that one with the bag and spray can that's for a can is actually fake so it's actually just a copy of a squish please tell me if I'm wrong You're correct by the way
Ana Carolina Marcelino
Posta mais vídeos com o Binho
Sarbani Bhattacharya
I figured out how he puts liquid from a big glass to a small glass Here it is Spoiler alert The half of the glass and the other half (vertical halves)are seperated by plastic and the half of the big glass is equal to the small glass
Sarvente's Mid Fight Masses
My man needs an Oscar!
Joan Pineda
Joan Pineda Před 15 hodinami
Nice magic my man
Simon Lucier
Simon Lucier Před 8 dny
That was a troll right there
Angelica Gamboa
Angelica Gamboa Před 14 dny
This man needs an oscar
The CUTEST Animals On Tik Tok 2
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Optical illusion
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Wednesday Addams! 30 DIYs for LOL OMG
Tohle nemůže na YouTube 💀
“This is not my wallet!” 😆
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Mexican Yoshi
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