Acid vs Lava- Testing Liquids That Melt Everything 

Mark Rober
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Věda a technologie

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17. 11. 2023





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@MarkRober Před 11 dny
Most people I asked predicted the wrong winner here. Go check out the new CrunchLabs Roblox game where you can build rockets with your friends and learn stuff! www.roblox.com/BuildaRocket
@guesstehelo3405 Před 11 dny
can i win
am I cool
@lucasub360 Před 11 dny
I regret this comment, sorry
@Pizzashorts Před 11 dny
I still can’t believe you can do all that to a diamond! I never would have guessed how tough they are..I’m still too scared to try it myself though 😅
@Epicly2 Před 11 dny
How is there not a comment here
@Loli.slayer Před 11 dny
⁠@@Epicly2cause he posted it 2min ago😂😂
@AndrewDavies-jt9dd Před 11 dny
@TrulyWaffleman Před 11 dny
nice comment lil bro
@Log4Jake Před 11 dny
Your my favorite youtuber
@TaeWilson-2002 Před 8 dny
I love how mark genuinely loves to work with all these other CS-vidrs without any kind of competitive attitude towards anyone and supporting everyone while doing so
@LinkZeeGee Před 8 dny
Only on screen
@gmk3845 Před 8 dny
Joined two months ago seems like someone comments it for him
@Zubir-tr3id Před 6 dny
@chadlipscomb Před 6 dny
@@LinkZeeGeedefinitely not only on screen. They’ve all had a relationship for at least a year or two.
@LinkZeeGee Před 6 dny
@@chadlipscomb It's a joke my boy
@roybuscht.9997 Před 8 dny
What a thrill ride this video has been, Mark! The breakdown of the experiments was fascinating and your humor really added to the experience. A very innovative and exciting way of presenting science! Looking forward to the next showdown at CrunchLabs. 👌🚀🔬
@DeZenter Před 6 dny
1.4K Likes and no replies? Let me fix that.
@alihaq2311 Před 6 dny
Ight bro don’t glaze
@Dhjfpdoeodjjf Před 6 dny
Quit yapping lil bro
@zeketaylor2631 Před 6 dny
He’s not gonna let you hit bro
@jbb6384 Před 6 dny
Bro doing tricks on it
@Koopaperson Před 4 dny
William is 100% the type of person to enter a video unannounced and I legitimately couldn’t tell if he actually did until everyone else showed up
@Tconl Před dnem
@kyle5778 Před 8 dny
William showing up uninvited is just so ... William, its perfect. This was one of your best videos Mark. I love the glitter bombs and other pranks, those are goated, but as a big fan of engineering/science YT this held a special place in my heart seeing all my favorite creators that I already watch collab together. Fantastic stuff guys
@MikeySkywalker Před 4 dny
Two videos in a few days. What a treat! Thank you to Mark and to the whole entire team. I'm sure there are a lot of people who help make these happen. Happy Thanksgiving!
@MakersMuse Před 10 dny
Used cars for sale - slightly acidified/melted/crushed but with GREAT history.
@HyperDevv Před 10 dny
No comment, let’s fix that!
@ThisGuyDannyyy Před 10 dny
First reply!
@malumy Před 10 dny
"slightly crushed"
@SharkyTheGamerr Před 10 dny
Hey MakersMuse you should do a video making at home retainers with 3D printer!
Now this is peak big kid content. Makes me feel like I'm back on the playground. Thanks for this, Mark.
@user-nc2jq6eq8g Před 7 dny
he literally just invited all the safety third members together to destroy stuff. how fitting.
@WheatleyCrab Před 8 dny
I like how instead of specifically designing something to thrash the competition he just rented a steamroller I've never been more surprised that Mark Rober, a person known for bringing a nuke to a gunfight, brought another nuke to another gunfight
@user-wv2js7iw8u Před 7 dny
I love the glitter bombs and other pranks, those are goated, but as a big fan of engineering/science YT this held a special place in my heart seeing all my favorite creators that I already watch collab together. Fantastic stuff guys.Used cars for sale - slightly acidified/melted/crushed but with GREAT history.
@PikkaBird Před 2 dny
Sod off, bot.
@mellow3995 Před 11 dny
Nigel used a weaker acid solution because he knew they'd be keeping the cars they'd destroyed at the end, truly a mad genius
@theantagonist801 Před 11 dny
As is expected 💪💪
@nuonchann5299 Před 11 dny
Aqua Regia is one of the strongest acids in the world buddy. Its hydrochloric acid + nitric acid....Crazy strong
@wall7103 Před 11 dny
That sucker has a long life ahead of it too
@nekomimicatears Před 11 dny
​@@nuonchann5299aqua regia is not even close to being the strongest acid in the world "buddy".
@nuonchann5299 Před 11 dny
@@nekomimicatears Which is why I said ONE of the strongest
What a line up for a video. Mark Rober is easily one of my favorite content creators. I love the editing style and music choice :)
@pudgykitty Před 9 dny
It's truly surprising to see the incredible resilience of diamonds! Who would have thought they could withstand all that? I'm fascinated by the durability, though I admit, I'm still a bit hesitant to experiment with it myself. The idea of testing the limits of something so precious is both intriguing and nerve-wracking at the same time! 😅
@IsM1ku Před 5 dny
in reality they cost so much because the industry HEAVILY limits the supply
@zenlexon Před dnem
Diamonds straight up just don't react with acid since they're pure carbon. Lava's hot enough to ignite one (being carbon they are flammable) but smothering it in lava means no oxygen, which means no flame. Something like a blowtorch would just burn a diamond away into CO2 though
The real problem here is that Nigel didn’t pick the correct acids… He pick all the strong but still fairly safe acids. Had he put the safety “not last” this would have been a complete wipe imo.
@froggy878 Před dnem
Another thing to note: Acid seems better for organic materials overall, so why did Nigel go for the metal bat instead of the wooden one?
@brettkalfas1242 Před 2 dny
More collabs with these guys please!! I love the energy!
@WANT-2-H0T-MEET Před 8 dny
Love the video. Explanation about the anvil. The 50lb harbor freight ones are made from cast iron that is quite soft. So soft you'll dish it out from regular use if you dont grind it flat often. I'd be interested to see what it would do against a hardened steel anvil
@tylerhrenko6177 Před dnem
It would do the exact same thing. Maybe making less of a dent, seeing as harbor freight generally has cheaply made product. Diamond is a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Depending what alloy steel you’re working with it can vary from 6.5 to I think 7 or 7.5 for 1095 carbon steel
@Seed Před 11 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> Mark’s hand wash detector is coming in handy!
@ThisGuyDannyyy Před 11 dny
This video will be #1 on Trending
@MrDJ2005 Před 11 dny
@YummyYumiiz Před 11 dny
7th wait I have a brain what am I doing?
@M_Miles Před 11 dny
@OfficialRyanTMG Před 9 dny
Every video he has a plot twist, Which is what makes his videos entertaining! Keep up the great work Mark!
I love how you guys thought fire extinguishers would stop lava… Mark, never change, you’re the best
@DaveC2729 Před 7 dny
Learning about science can be fun in video games. So can using things you learned and then almost forgot. For example, I learned a few things about aerodynamics and balance when I was a kid trying to become a pilot, and then I made use of it all building space planes in Kerbal Space Program. PS for the diamond, you should've used an oxyfuel torch for your wildcard. Encasing it in lava sealed it off from oxygen, but diamonds will burn. You should've hit it with an oxidizing flame.
@Santiago_MX Před 7 dny
this episode is really starting to feel like a TV show - especially the car segment. I like it.
After watching the ice part, I think it's safe to say that Mark is a pyromaniac (he really likes fire).
@ryanking7331 Před 11 dny
Having Will, Nigel, and Kevin was great. Please continue to do stuff with them.
@tapp.on.my.pic890 Před 11 dny
@p-__ Před 11 dny
My farts are better than Mark’s farts 💨
@carrot6018 Před 11 dny
I’m stuff.
@teslacactus1135 Před 10 dny
@HCivicFg2 Před 8 dny
I do not know why we all needed this video, but we definitely did. Thank you, Mr. Rober. For always providing premium content, even when we didn't know we wanted it.
@justinmilam545 Před 8 dny
It was great to see you all together, needs to happen more often!
Its nice to see NileRed do what he does best. Great collab!!
@aehappylaughter Před 7 dny
I knew that acid was really, really corrosive. What I wasn't expecting is how lava can be so strong and fascinating at the same time. Great video!
@freekarella3024 Před dnem
This episode was awesome. It kinda felt like a super nerdy and exceptionally smart version of Jacka$$. Perfect combo!
This is the kind of thing we dream about when we were kids, and Mark Rober is doing it IRL!
Nobody asked
@loganswepston8978 Před 11 dny
​@@actuallyarbitrary4444ok bruh 😂
@catsup1308 Před 11 dny
Didn't expect to see you here
@tapp.on.my.pic890 Před 11 dny
@Gregzenegair Před 11 dny
Except he is screaming too much
@lilywalker7499 Před 9 dny
This is beautiful, engineering nerd meets chemistry nerd in just about the biggest science collab I could imagine. Thanks !!
@ErzengelTyrael Před 8 dny
would love to see nigel was allowed to use all types of chemical stuff. would be cool to see something like a big thermite reaction on the car
@anubhab070 Před 5 dny
Mark is slowly turning into a mad scientist. 🗿
Thing is a flame would be more effective than lava with the diamond. But the fact that lava didn’t just burn it, since its made of carbon, still surprised me
@wolfywox Před 7 dny
Great way to show why tools that are used for heavy duty cutting are diamond tipped. 😄
@M_Miles Před 11 dny
The fact that mark can just get his hands on Lava and acid to the amount he can cover a car is crazy
@ThisGuyDannyyy Před 11 dny
This video will be #1 on Trending
@M_Miles Před 11 dny
@@ThisGuyDannyyy I hope it will!
@Plushworldw223 Před 11 dny
Ya dude could probably get a vat of poison
@RADIUM._. Před 11 dny
@rainyee-pc5lf Před 11 dny
@alext2300 Před 8 dny
Mark Rober and Backyard Scientist collabs are elite
@TheWaken Před 8 dny
I’m far from a scientist, but if he would’ve just hit the diamond with the point up, it would’ve shatters into a thousand pieces.
@2012TheAndromeda Před 22 hodinami
I thought Mark was gonna shatter the diamond at that certain angle! Drat! I was hoping he'd win that one! I believe a diamond can break more easily if excessive force is applied at an angle perpendicular to the alignment of the atoms inside it.. Or something like that... Overall, very fun video to watch!! Thank you!
@hypergraphic Před 9 dny
This was so hilarious. Loved every minute of it.
@katierose33 Před 3 dny
Mark is basically the Mr. Beast of science. 😂
@Pizzashorts Před 11 dny
You know the video is going to be crazy when Mark decides to collab with Nilered and Kevin.
@fieldmarshalcat Před 11 dny
Second best collab
@fieldmarshalcat Před 11 dny
Nilered:science Mark rober: engineering Kevin: both
@dragonman1265 Před 11 dny
They were all on the safety third podcast too if you want to see more of them together
@strawberrytanjiro Před 11 dny
@wuyterio Před 21 hodinou
the fact that william just showed up uninvited is so amazing and the most william thing william could do
@xp_pk Před 6 dny
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a> Acetone would've been much more interesting since plastic toys are made of ABS, but it's technically not an acid, so I'm guessing that's why sulfuric acid was used instead.
@Ally112083 Před 4 dny
Here for Nile Red 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Love Nigel’s channel!!
@user-jb7xb1ub1g Před 2 dny
Should have let William get in on this more. He’s the only one with the courage to commit to a task at the expense of his own health.
@jbsgroup96 Před 11 dny
I think william osman showing up despite the fact that he wasn't invited is one of the most in-character things i've seen from him
@p-__ Před 11 dny
My farts are better than Mark’s farts 💨
@mattmartin7028 Před 11 dny
So true lmao classic william
@dziubo1 Před 11 dny
Showing up uninvited... how can you even blieve that?
@DoABarrelRol1l Před 11 dny
honestly if it wasn't for the filming at Crunch Labs I would have guessed this was William Osman's second channel content. Surprised he didn't bring his own excavator.
@mattmartin7028 Před 11 dny
@@dziubo1 we all know it was just a joke but it’s still funny
@Sd0k1_ALT Před 7 dny
this is the most awesome collab i could’ve ever asked for
@tuhp5237 Před dnem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="685">11:25</a> I don’t get why Nile didn’t choose the wood bat since wood has a buncha carbon acid would’ve eaten through it pretty easily (compared to metal at least)
@danielle5355 Před 7 dny
Mark pulling up in his car was the MARKEST thing I’ve ever seen
@CumMomentGamer Před 4 dny
in the part with baseball bats, i would be dying from laughter when Mark would just casually pull out an industrial woodchipper
@1Poseidon3 Před 11 dny
The addition of Will, Kevin, and Nigel was awesome. Please bring them on more often.
@sameerislam1328 Před 11 dny
nigel is my fav science youtuber
@user-ro7yg6qg9o Před 11 dny
Kevin literally risked his arrest record for science gotta love the guy
@ryanking7331 Před 11 dny
@Crazyclay78YT Před 11 dny
you know theyre real scientists once they get contacted by the government lmfao
@DJBillyQ Před 11 dny
Easily one of the best collabs I've seen on this channel. The Science Boys™ are a total force of chaos and watching them collaborate with Mark (and his outrageous budget per video lol) was AMAZING. More collabs with these folks, please! (Also William Osman as the "unexpected" referee was hilarious and fantastic)
@user-mb7yb9gj2p Před 8 dny
This is a really cool video! What is the difference between lava and heated acid?
@hitechinc.7875 Před 8 dny
You know it's going to be crazy when NileRed is involved
@justin9202 Před 2 dny
So fun fact about the anvil mark was using. Thats a common one sold by harbor freight, they do not harden their anvil's work surface like most normal anvils would have. Therefore the diamond was actually harder than the soft steel. While diamond is harder than regular soft steel it would be much more of a challenge if they tried denting a hardened steel anvil
@TheXLawnMowerMan Před 7 dny
I don't think Mark has watched that much of Nigel's content... He has literally destroyed diamonds, hopefully he doesn't make soda out of that diamond 😂
@SAmaryllis Před 6 dny
The Roblox world looks wonderful! I'm glad it's going to give more kids and curious minds a chance to interact with science in a fun way
@user-qo1gy9wd9h Před 10 dny
I'll admit, I was rooting for Nigel as I'm a huge NileRed fan, but everyone did awesome, and Kevin did the most satsifying destruction.
@cosmosyn2514 Před 10 dny
considering that his car was the only one still able to be driven back with after it was over did he really loose in the end?
@thaumargaming3646 Před 10 dny
@@cosmosyn2514 imagine it finally gives out in the middle of nowhere
@cosmosyn2514 Před 10 dny
@@thaumargaming3646 better than walking the whole distance lol
@@cosmosyn2514 well I mean he still had acid in his engine which can’t be amazing for the car
@doblockphysics7087 Před 10 dny
why didnt he use Pirana Solution??
@baguette4607 Před 7 dny
Not surprised to see all these people here, William, Allen, Nigel, Kevin, and Mark are all and have been friends for years lol
@ZiminM19 Před 7 dny
Потрясающе, спасибо за 20 минут интеллектуального и инженерного удовольствия!
@daddywaffle9604 Před 2 dny
im happy to see William having fun hes like the mothers home cooking of create channels
@seanfannin8299 Před 7 dny
No offense to Mark, but Nigel is my guy. He is probably less than half my age but reminds of every cool science class experiment I had growing up. Watch his stuff almost daily.
@i_am_hunk Před 2 dny
Mark is a low-key mad scientist ngl
@petersmythe6462 Před 11 dny
Honestly to even the odds Nigel should have been allowed to use any non-metallic, non-high explosive chemistry he wanted.
@tylerduncan5908 Před 11 dny
It would have been way too easy. Acetone for the Legos. Gallium for the bat. CO₂ tablets for the car to starve the oxygen.
@Berm_Blaster Před 10 dny
Power tools to disassemble it
@brunomelo2673 Před 10 dny
Im pretty sure nigel could come up with something capable of dissolving pretty much everything if he can change in between rounds
@JoahTheThread5ive Před 10 dny
@@tylerduncan5908 Galium would take too long, so he would still not win for that one.
Having never seen one of your videos and being a fellow scientist, keep on inspiring!
@allaraaver8432 Před 8 dny
Hey Mark. I've been wondering lately. Would it be possible to achieve a focused lensing effect with heat distortion?
@RavenFilms Před 5 dny
That’s a really nice interesting idea. I hope he sees this.
@blocmanbro7204 Před 4 dny
Thank you Mark for translating into Russian and other languages
@gamer_life9091 Před 5 dny
I freaking love these collabs!
@someguy5003 Před 5 dny
I'd watch a top gear episode with these four.
@mrcyberslayer6095 Před 11 dny
Im so happy nile red has now been recognised by a larger youtuber and getting to collab with mark. A guy who likes physics vs a guy who loves chemistry
@p-__ Před 11 dny
My farts are better than Mark’s farts 💨
@Heggchandwich Před 11 dny
@@p-__ are you trying to poke fun at bots who post these type of comments?
@kristofmartha2319 Před 11 dny
​@@Heggchandwichthat a bot
Yes Nile red is cool
@von... Před 11 dny
id argue that nile is the larger youtuber. mark is a bigger 'default front page youtuber', but nile is a titan of the actual science yt community.
@rthiemann1194 Před 8 dny
the collaboration we never knew we needed.
@dereknicolas7635 Před 7 dny
The collaboration on this vid is sooo incredible.
@Funeral_Potatoes Před 5 dny
Any time these guys all get together, you know it's going to be massively entertaining!
@kevannpankhurst Před 5 dny
The excavator made me realize… Mark is just David Dobrick with common sense and empathy.
@larrygerald432 Před 7 dny
Funnily enough Mark, your hammer could’ve easily broken that diamond. ActionLab broke a diamond by smashing a diamond with its point up so that’s why yours didn’t break 😁
@fusyoduh9721 Před 11 dny
William better be in the next competition, he's literally the definition of a wildcard
@p-__ Před 11 dny
My farts are better than Mark’s farts 💨
@seraf8297 Před 11 dny
"For today's 'make a dessert challenge', Kevin is baking a pie with the power of refracted sunlight, Nile is chemically leavening, and using exothermic reactions to bake a cake, and I think Will is trying to... scream... a s'more into melting?" *cut to the finale of the video, the camera focused on a vacuum chamber with speakers inside* "so we didn't expect that to work as well as it did"
@magnusbjarni Před 10 dny
I'd like to see Styropyro, he is a true wildcard
@Chasls Před 10 dny
He’s OP.
@djdrayracing Před 10 dny
Not the hand wash alarm going off though lol
Greatest scientific collaboration ever.
@in3d Před 3 dny
I really appreciate your videos! My kids and I love learning from your stuff!
@gobbel2000 Před 2 dny
Very fun video, glad you got the Safety Third crew on.
@XShadowAngel Před 7 dny
The engineer of all people thought he could smash a DIAMOND with a HAMMER. lol. Also, this missed a perfect opportunity for THERMITE! Great video as always!
@alaingamache3908 Před 4 dny
I’m genuinely inspired as a teacher. Thank you.
@Banner16 Před 11 dny
I never thought I’d need NileRed, Kevin, and Mark in one video up until now.
@tawoorie Před 11 dny
Mark also was on their podcast, Safety Third!
@PrecisionAcc Před 11 dny
Why? They're all science CS-vidrs. A video like this was inevitable
@Xerdies Před 11 dny
Don't forget William :D
@biblix Před 11 dny
I never thought I’d see mark rober and Roblox in one video
@yellowskies2551 Před 11 dny
And Roblox being mentioned too is odd af
@OneLove__ Před 7 dny
I think we are seeing more from the MrBeast style of videos 😊 GJ Mark! ❤
@ihavenoideadanny Před 9 dny
Mark: worked at nasa also Mark: doesn’t know the strength of a diamond.
@SShiJie Před 3 dny
I love how Kevin took off his glasses at the intro, only to have infinite glasses to look cool.
@SteveStiw Před 7 dny
The collab we absolutely needed
@Snooso Před 6 dny
Maybe matpat can make a food theory on thespice level of the sauce he uses compared to lava.
@JustOasisGone Před 11 dny
Seeing Mark Rober, NileRed, Kevin, and William in the same video is a dream come true 😁
The greatest dream of all time.
@mr_pigman1013 Před 11 dny
the science team
@CheeseMiser Před 11 dny
Yay. Willy Oz
@yee34152 Před 11 dny
You can’t forget Allen Pan
@BlunderDownUnder Před 11 dny
They are also all on a recent Safety First podcast video, discussing this video...
@presidentcrisp Před 9 dny
Three of my favorite CS-vidrs on one video. Perfect.
@ghost3201 Před 8 dny
Gotta say the most surprising result for me was the diamond denting the anvil 😄
@Random_4400 Před 7 dny
Mark really tried to cheat and be unfair but it all backfired terribly on him 😂
@Parkacated Před 8 dny
Theoretically, would it be possible to dunk a turkey in lava and perfectly cook it?
@maxbrown4808 Před 7 dny
The diamond imprint in the anvil was pretty awesome. Reminds me of Gimli and the Ring!
@LogicalNiko Před 11 dny
The damage done also depends greatly on the lava you use. Silicate lava (the melted "lava rock") is generally the coolest ranging from 800C-900C. Whereas Ultramafic lava can be almost twice as hot, ranging from 1600C-2000C (hot enough to melt steel and vaporize a lot of materials). In addition fluoroantimonic acid, Carborane acid, or Magic acid would be much more effective.
@DumbOrangeFrog Před 10 dny
@annfarmer9704 Před 10 dny
the fluoro acid is TERRIFYING!!! there is no oopses allowed. that one needs an episode all to itself.
@Hydra10130 Před 10 dny
@@DumbOrangeFrogit’s a science channel deal with it
That and he only used orange juice amounts of it, instead of the cubic yards of it found in nature. Go Team Lava!
​@@DumbOrangeFrogyou're in the comment section of a science CS-vid video 🤦🏾‍♀️
@Progamer1013 Před 8 dny
I’m surprised that diamond didn’t shatter. Must have either not hit it hard enough or somehow missed a clevage point. Great video nonetheless though! What a collab!
@RavenFilms Před 5 dny
It was the fault of the anvil. It wasn’t hardened steel, just a cheap $50 one from a second rate hardware store like harbor freight. That dent wouldn’t have been so deep if a real smithing anvil was used. Idk though if it would break, I honestly don’t know if the diamond or the anvil would win that battle.
@Rockbot9000 Před 4 dny
"The closest thing to a real-life lightsaber I've ever experienced." Sounds like he needs to go visit the Hacksmith
@dork5499 Před 5 dny
Honestly I am just happy that there's finally a destruction video utilizing lava on the CS-vid platform
@SuitedForGod Před 9 dny
Hands down best collab yet.
Three absolute legends in one video amazing