2022's most anticipated roguelite? (Cult of the Lamb)

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Cult of the Lamb on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/13...

This video came from my stream on August 5th, 2022. Catch me live from 9AM-2PM PT here every weekday: twitch.tv/Northernlion

Cult of the Lamb is a new roguelite that is equal parts Enter the Gungeon, Oxygen Not Included, and...HP Lovecraft? Check it out!

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6. 08. 2022





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Ham Grenade
Glad to see the Hawaiian Shirt Arc is still going on.
Mitchell Howard
I can't believe they made the eye follow your mouse, they really did think of everything!
Frosty Bowden
Those few seconds of silence after "i think I have adult ADHD" really let it simmer and sink in
I wasn't sure about this game, but when I learned that it followed your mouse its probably a 10/10 for me
the entire game screams devolver, the music, the writing, the genremashing, just quality stuff
Chace Campbell
I'm shocked that throughout the whole session no one mentioned how absolutely banging that soundtrack was. Game looks fantastic though, wouldn't expect any less from this publisher.
I hope we get more of this game. Like maybe a decades worth?
Jit Nhat Hanh
I know that this wasn't recorded on a Sunday but truly, shoutout to NL supporting Sunday Funday with that classy top-button. The golden age continues
Game seems dope, hope this becomes a long series
Why does simply seeing the name of a game in NL's titles want me to buy it
This is so much fun to watch! Hope he plays more 🥰
Awesome to see a new roguelite, hope it’s good, I’m in need of a new game
bocoy noiu
I watched this whole stream and now I’m here to rewatch all the way through.
jean-sébastien dubé
97% precision usually means your opponent blundered pretty hard. At your level 97% accuracy is like 30% accuracy at their level.
Erich Gaul
I'm so happy to see a new game from NL! The lineup lately has been feeling a bit stale for me. I hope this is the beginning of a nice refresh. :)
Jax Warp
I've been saying for a long time that ever game needs to have a fishing and cooking mini game!
Bilbo Baggins
What a great art and an intriguing twist with all the cult story in the rougelite genre, looks really cool
Tony TheTGR
I like how this is like Isaac with a sword-bearing character, but it also seems like a lot of homework
Game seems v cool, looking forward to seeing more :)
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