200 ⚽ vs Goalie at Ski Jump! 

How Ridiculous
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Big thanks to Net World Sports for helping to make this happen by supplying all the balls and goal, legends!

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30. 01. 2024





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@rhogar6540 Před 24 dny
Not me thinking the balls were all tennis ball sized 😭😭
@GP1281 Před 22 dny
@cnmgaming5070 Před 22 dny
@tox1ccheeto147 Před 20 dny
Exactly they all magically got bigger when they reached the goal 😂
@GP1281 Před 20 dny
@SpectralMoon64 Před 29 dny
Scott Sterling would’ve not missed a single one 😂😂. (Edit: for those who don’t know Scott Sterling is a character from a studio c skit who always gets hit in the face with a ball no matter what sport he plays it’s funny as hell)
@carlp.6196 Před 29 dny
His face is like a brick wall.... A brick wall that can feel pain and cries a lot.
@blue-variantX Před 29 dny
I loved Scott Sterling, Studio C has really gone downhill with the new cast that seems to change every month
@SpectralMoon64 Před 28 dny
@@blue-variantX ngl I will agree to that…
@blue-variantX Před 28 dny
@@SpectralMoon64 I mean, what are they even writing? Sometimes how they speak or act, it looks so fake! The old cast just acted like themselves, they each had a irreplaceable personality and their comedy was actually funny. They had millions of views on most of their videos, and now Studio C only gets around 20-40k per video.
@SpectralMoon64 Před 28 dny
@@blue-variantX preach…
@stevew698 Před měsícem
😂they pushed the net back😂
@mohamedismail8463 Před 22 dny
@stevew698 this comment will have 0 likes 😭
@mastercard222 Před 10 dny
@chicken Před 13 dny
Scott Sterling would've been proud of that goalkeeping. The speed and accuracy were impressive.
@TylerBlue77 Před 5 dny
Why are u in every comment section ur like the Ashley bot from tiktok
@LamarcksTheory Před 19 dny
The keeper movement was world class
@chrisnelson9914 Před 7 dny
@dubzFOS Před měsícem
Imagine doing this but with bowling balls trying to nock down the most pins at the bottom
@ashleybooker4420 Před 20 dny
They should have hidden one bowling ball within the soccer balls 😂
@towmanac7056 Před 20 dny
​@ashleybooker4420 more like half and half! 100 16lb heavy daddy's and 100 soccer balls.
@SyphaxAfroun Před 19 dny
They already did that with one giant zorb ball and inflatable pins. When will they use real bowling balls and pins?
@user-hf8ci3kv3x Před 29 dny
I like the part with the footballs
@juxoq Před 29 dny
I like the part with the footballs
@MeltDWN. Před 29 dny
I like the part with the ______
@Tire24 Před 28 dny
What soccer balls?
​@@MeltDWN.I also love _____
I like turtles
@danielbickford3458 Před 29 dny
I wonder what kind of kinetic energy you would have gotten if those were bowling balls instead
@sheikhyaboooty Před 18 dny
enough to ban this vid from utoob I suspect
@S_Carol Před 18 dny
Killer energy
@tinman9341 Před 21 dnem
This was so ridiculous I couldn’t stop watching!!! 😂😂😂
@ostenfelnextpbenshored Před měsícem
This was super epic!
@josiahcharles6874 Před 23 dny
Broo what even are those at the end
@dominicdekleva8676 Před 19 dny
this is one of the best channels on CS-vid. they just say " wouldn't it be cool if we _______" and then they just do it .
@maryannkom299 Před 15 dny
They do all the things 13 year old boys dream about doing. I love their channel and I think, it a great gig if you can get it. Making bank on playing funny games.
@robertsheffer7035 Před 21 dnem
Would be cool to set up multiple goals across there, and then see how many goalies would be required to save all the balls 😂
@TS.island01 Před 29 dny
Lion king scene... On the spott.
@gt9003 Před 21 dnem
Terrific. What a sight and what a way to have some fun!
@RyanGrippo Před měsícem
Cheeky gaunson!
@gerardomontoya433 Před 17 dny
Imagine if Someone slips a bowling ball whit the rest of them 😂
@lindeycraft2518 Před 5 dny
It's fun to see a splash of color and kids having fun. It's serious bleak house in my neck of the woods.
@Quorkk Před 23 dny
I thought those were golf balls at the beginning
@daveycameron5743 Před 15 dny
It’s like the largest version of a “single slit experiment” lol
@wonder528 Před 17 dny
Looks like an old Contact commercial, with all the little cold relief balls busting out of the capsule.
@user-mh5gd1ux7l Před 7 dny
Finally something creative and original
@Kakurah_ Před 7 dny
If I was the goalie I'd tip the net down and take cover lmfao
@morganholiday9262 Před 15 dny
I live in utah 😭 slc I wish I could of bumped into you guys I love your channel so much.
@VNOMALII Před 7 dny
this would actually be a good gambling game on a much smaller scale.
@benjamindavis6535 Před 14 dny
Hats off to the commentary..... What a stretch to make it exciting...
@mrsmuscleski Před 22 dny
"that is like a stampeed"got me rolling😂
@bri_b08 Před 19 dny
Next: Bowling Balls
@Vexeton Před 17 dny
When your team mates shoot at the goal
@peteh8077 Před 8 dny
I still can't hear anyone of these guys without hearing "coney joney" from the glass ball drop episode
@dumymariposa6795 Před 18 dny
I was expecting him to gobble them up!
@user-lu6vk8ii1f Před 20 dny
Радости-полные брюки!!! Так эмоционально выражает свои чувства? Это сейчас модно????
@kevinxc243 Před 22 dny
Yoshi’s final smash be like:
@Tiffy673 Před 12 dny
I thought they were lil untill I saw the end 😂
@ix69yn Před 4 dny
Hill is so steep it looked like the ball was just gonna fall on him in 3 seconds.
@slowmobius7114 Před 5 dny
"Wow that's alot of balls rolling down a hill."
@Jay-Tee58 Před 8 dny
Goalie just accepted fate at the end 😂
Who else was expecting the same result of that one dude in the Patriot movie with the cannon ball rolling on the ground
@GewtLaughs Před 11 dny
When the birth control doesn’t work 😂
At first, I thought that’s for Travis Barker
@user-jq1ek2rl7d Před 11 dny
Your balls are so colorful and I enjoyed watching them! 😂😂😂
@KippurCatArts Před 23 dny
This is what the internet is for
@Marinersfan5oh3 Před 19 dny
It’s like the lion king scene! 🤣💀
@jayhafner7152 Před 20 dny
Make them tennis balls and put a Golden Retriever as goalie and not one will get through!😂
@gunawanmigi2637 Před 21 dnem
Again ,cameramen never died 😂
@user-co6xt4ev5y Před 9 dny
Imagina this as american football where u have to see how many u can catch 💀
@danield679 Před 7 dny
Running out of ideas must be terrifying 😮
@vandanabansal3441 Před měsícem
Like this so the pushup one is not the top comment
@Laseuwtime4143 Před 7 dny
😂😂😂 been atleast 2 years since ive watched these guys. That would be fun to do
@mattm5879 Před 8 dny
Dude did exactly what I would’ve done
@kubileona_vr5652 Před 10 dny
Kinda disappointed that the guy didn't try at all to block them
@temioluseun1085 Před 14 dny
Great stuff. I’d like this to be done again, but in a way that gives the keeper a fighting chance.
@patnope6344 Před 22 dny
Only way to stop all those is to turn the net around lol
@rustythecrown9317 Před 11 dny
This was a great episode...truly epic.
@Just10moresubs Před měsícem
Those balls really racing like usain bolt
@Mr.SnatchNgrab Před 22 dny
Why didn’t bro just turn the net around 😭😭😭
@PisszMan Před 19 dny
I think onana need this practice 😂
@sevendegrees Před 17 dny
He’s like a golden retriever with a ton of new tennis balls
@drakirolopez7859 Před 7 dny
He's so happy to get his net kicked
@andreasa3622 Před 21 dnem
Plot twist: they were bowling balls
He couldve just flipped the net😂😂
@metamod1 Před 20 dny
Next time: bowling balls
@jayjohnson5016 Před 21 dnem
@nonameman13 Před 25 dny
Bro saved a ball and lost 199
@arias8397 Před 21 dnem
Try it with bowling balls next time :)
@moriniherver3750 Před 20 dny
Ce gardien cest une passoire❤
@XsHoCkFiReX Před 13 dny
Wäre ganz schön makaber wenn da 200 "Zocker"bälle runterkullern würden😅😂
@jayninama1509 Před 20 dny
5 balls/ sec would have been more interesting 😅
@sinsear4455 Před 5 dny
There’s no way that dude isn’t on acid
@davidglowatz7764 Před 12 dny
Imagine standing there to see 200 soccer balls flying at you ⚽️
@Krychu20 Před 7 dny
*Football balls
@OutAllDay Před 29 dny
That’s a lot of balls !!⚽️
@triskits_mmm Před 22 dny
It's too many!! Even like 50 balls would have been crazy but two HUNDRED?! Somebody could have been seriously hurt while making this video. How ridiculous.
@mtraven23 Před 22 dny
as a former goal keeper, I really want to try this
@DezNutz15 Před 19 dny
He should have just flipped the net😂
@erick07cas Před 22 dny
Oh that was gorgeous
@Pedrocas Před 22 dny
Marbles on stream be like:
Grown men and their neverending quest for content
@SixXGaming Před 23 dny
How do you guys still figure out how to do new weird things, so glad I’m still subbed!
@drumtum81 Před 23 dny
Anyone else think this is how they should draw lottery numbers?
@Vybzz0 Před 7 dny
Would've been funnier if they were bowling balls😁👍🏽
@bree4151 Před 8 dny
My dog would've went insane and destroyed all of those lol
@xRastaBlack1 Před 8 dny
Bro that’s insane 😂
@misterclean7570 Před 20 dny
Now do the Same but with Bowling Balls.
@ima_bot1445 Před 19 dny
Replace them with bowling balls that would be cool 👍
@Milan-vl7zx Před 19 dny
would be interesting with bowling balls 🤔
@lilfoxx9927 Před 7 dny
Good time to activate your ultra instinct
kids with adult money, i love it😂
@ShokujiAkai Před 16 dny
Kudos for actually trying, goalie 👍
@mariusghima Před 9 dny
Do tennis balls next 😂
@FuzeEdits Před 20 dny
From the top I thought they were tennis sized 😅
@chrisingram3594 Před 13 dny
It's the "balls go high" game irl
@Phearsum Před 22 dny
This is how the British deal with back pain. Football acupressure.
@daw1d598 Před 22 dny
Make same video with Bowling Balls😅😅😅
@sonnymarch4073 Před 19 dny
Do it with bowling balls next
@THUG600RR Před 23 dny
Did anyone else think that they were small tennis balls at first?
@beverleyrhine6181 Před 14 dny
I like this video
@uniwolfsans2591 Před 20 dny
If i recall this was filmed in utah because i been here.
Needs more soccer balls ⚽️
@dentondresser6825 Před 24 dny
“Listen to the noise!” Proceeds to laugh, hoot and holler so you can’t hear shit.
@emp100k Před 4 dny
He had the right idea but he should have laid on his side earlier and stretched his hands overhead to try and cover as much area as possible.
@tobymax10 Před 22 dny
*puts in bowling balls painted like basketballs “It’s just a prank bro”
@user-zm5pm8cv3l Před 16 dny
Write numbers on the balls like a lottery😮
Ouch.. 🤕⚽️
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