😱 MrBeast's INSANE $25,000 Challenge With Bradley Martyn!

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😱 MrBeast's INSANE $25,000 Challenge With Bradley Martyn

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15. 11. 2022





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Komentáře 6 438
HexagonalMann Před 18 dny
His ego was so hurt, he said "I triple it" 😂
botliizeus Před 6 hodinami
Batdude Gaming
Batdude Gaming Před 21 hodinou
Yeah but he said 100 before
FaZe:0102 Před 3 dny
It’s called competitive spirit, usually people who strive to get places in their life have similar mentalities
New Age Cinematics
New Age Cinematics Před 3 dny
@Christian Hamann well yes, because he explained something he’s clearly never done and wouldn’t know how many until he gave him an example of a dude who did this much. it’s not hard to grasp
Ce Qui Est Bon
Ce Qui Est Bon Před 3 dny
Best part is the ones in this reply section, getting offended bc this guys ego was hurt! 😂
Wtfigo Před 9 dny
“How many curls can you do?” “Oh I don’t know 500-“ “this guy did 25,000” “Oh bro I’ll do triple that!!”
Elite RIVAL Před 13 hodinami
He was not trying to be underconfident
shitass Před 4 dny
The meat riding in this comment section is insane
Ricardo Veras
Ricardo Veras Před 5 dny
@Wtfigo true
Wtfigo Před 5 dny
My point still stands though, to say he thinks he could do a million or even half that is Preposterous 😂 he said the guy was weak before even hearing the number
Mike T
Mike T Před 5 dny
@Wtfigo He literally said a millio... 500 thousand at the start of the video. so he clearly did stop himself
WonderrSilk Před 11 dny
Bro went from "500" to "25000 tRIpLe iN thaT EasY" 💀💀💀
Flowzwtf Před 5 dny
Jealous lmao
Garrett Ramsey
Garrett Ramsey Před 5 dny
Dudes a clown
Andrew Stanford
Andrew Stanford Před 6 dny
He said five hundred thousand
Prod Slim
Prod Slim Před 6 dny
He was obviously gonna say 500,000
Doom Carlito
Doom Carlito Před 12 dny
"Fragile ego this one has" - Master Yoda
The J-man
The J-man Před 8 dny
@JP Draws yea fair enough. The short clip didn't do him any favors 😅 . But check out some of his other work on YT
Jin Před 8 dny
@The J-man Humble like my totally real girlfriend. Non-existent.
Huh Před 8 dny
​@The J-man humble my ass💀, based off this clip this dude doesn't even know the word humble exists
JP Draws
JP Draws Před 8 dny
@The J-man he sounds egotistical tho
The J-man
The J-man Před 9 dny
I don't agree man, Bradley is a cool dude. Competitive but humble.
cainification Před 10 dny
That dude really wants everyone to know he's a strong boy lol
Cappuccino's Nephew
Almost feels like he's trying to compensate for something...
Crotchwhistle purple
"I think he's compensating for something" -shrek
D-hallow MC
D-hallow MC Před 2 dny
Strong enough to knock you out
cainification Před 2 dny
@Ricky Bobby lol I don't know if it's that serious
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Před 2 dny
If not all the steroids would be for nothing. His entire life meaningless.
Andre Před 11 hodinami
Honestly i love brad I think he’s a humble guy but when he has these moments they’re hilarious. I think he’s being genuine tho. I see no wrong
JumpingJJ Před 2 dny
Bradley has one of the biggest egos for no reason💀, jimmy was trying to show an example, and he’s like “I can triple it” or “he’s weak” he needs a reality check
<> Před 8 dny
"Fragile ego this one has" - Master Yoda
Dj Canda
Dj Canda Před 19 hodinami
​​@Noggahonfident is knowing your limits. This guy straight up thinks he can do better without reference as to how many he could do with that weight, LET ALONE have an estimate other than "well i can triple it" If you're confident youd stick to what you think or know your limit is or atleast have a basis. Mans just 1 upping mr beast everytime he speaks. The conversation just went with him being "well i can do better" Going for insults on a guy he barely knew and a number he barely know whether its true or not the. Eventually going "yeah triple"
Saswat Dev
Saswat Dev Před dnem
Noggah Před 3 dny
@j LEAK “confident” nah bro definetly has an ego problem
j LEAK Před 3 dny
He jus hella confident
Asher Thrasher
Asher Thrasher Před 3 dny
brother man youre everywhere
Game Hectic
Game Hectic Před 2 dny
"I can do 500" "maybe million , $500,000" [he did 25k] "I can triple that" Bro's changing numbers like my goals in life
Mike Zilla
Mike Zilla Před 13 dny
"He's weak...I'd probably do like 500. My wrist would be tired." "He did 25,000."
Mariano Porta
Mariano Porta Před 2 dny
@Mike Zilla he said one milli…
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Před 5 dny
WhiteLavender425 Před 5 dny
He was obviously going to say 500 thousand, not that I think he can do 500K. I can barely curl a 50 lb dumbell and can do 500 1lb curls easily.
#Best Dad Of The Year
If i can do 300 with a 1lb, the man's weak af for only doing 500.
Jack Writer
Jack Writer Před 7 dny
He said he could do 500 hundred than he was asked what he thought the other guy would get ans only than he went into 500k, so no he didn't mean 500k he meant 500.
shaun davies
shaun davies Před 5 dny
Watching an ego get shattered so calmly like that was magical.....
Jay Flet
Jay Flet Před 6 dny
“I could do it forever” “Nah, pick a number” “Fuc- fucking 500?, my wrist would hurt.” “I know the answer, cuz i had someone do the same.” “He’s probably weak tho..” “He did 25,000” *”I’m tripling that easily.”*
James K.
James K. Před 8 dny
I seen a security guard totally annihilate Bradley. This dude isn't what he thinks he is lol.
Bruh dudes literally getting offended that he's talking about a different muscular dude....like instantly lashing out and getting all "macho"
TheHaloGamer Před dnem
Guys that big aren't that insecure unless they're roided. The guy who did 25k looks natty so this guy probably isn't doing 5k even lmao.
Nightstep Station
Nightstep Station Před 7 dny
@Swayon Tift I haven’t worked out in 15 years and I did the 15k challenge for the 1 pound weights… meanwhile this man acting like his whole world revolves around being “strong” being a body builder and strong are not the same thing.
Justin Ankar
Justin Ankar Před 7 dny
@Swayon Tift That's the mindset you need to get that big, oh and steroids.
Alex D
Alex D Před 7 dny
That is bc brad has a fragile ego, Thats why hes so funny to watch get pranked bc his ego wont let him accept being embarassed in any way publicly.
Over the Top Rope
Over the Top Rope Před 7 dny
@Swayon Tift 😂 that dude has little man syndrome
Lyoness Před 15 dny
"I knew a guy that was similar build to you" "That guy was probably weak though" Dude either hates himself secretly or needs to think he's the only one of his kind 🥺
Craft Castings
Craft Castings Před 8 dny
He’s a meat head, most of them are overcompensating for something. It’s rarely about health.
Justice Clum
Justice Clum Před 8 dny
Its both.
Před 8 dny
Nah you just don’t lift
genecuisine Před 9 dny
Sadly he did hate himself at one point. His father took his own life when he was much younger. The gym is where he found peace
Gary J
Gary J Před 9 dny
@Trixiebewitched Ma'am this is a Gym, not a bed bath and beyond. On a side not, the weights are my therapist. There is something to be said for physical pain, regardless of where you draw the fuel to fire your motivation. I'm not discounting Therapy for certain people, (PTSD, trama etc.) but I think it would serve best for most people to get off the couch and lift instead of getting pumped full of SSRIs and harmful Pharmaceuticals.
Varun Mohan
Varun Mohan Před 3 dny
I really respect Mr beast for never swearing in his videos cuz he knows kids watch it.
SN4RL Před 7 dny
Just the fact that Mr. Beast can just ask someone a question, then make it into a game where he pays people to do whatever it is. That's when "put your money where your mouth is". Triple it, Mr. Beast thinking...sounds like a video. And his smile, it's like a mad scientist thinking of the next experiment. Except for his experiments make millions of dollars even if they fail.
Karma Před 11 hodinami
An example of how people don't realize just how difficult it would be to do just the same movement alone without any super huge amount of weight over and over. It's the same reason why people who lift bigger weights aren't always necessarily that far off from those who do medium sized or light weights. Heavy weights just give faster results at the cost of more strain. Edit: "Anything you can do, I can do better."
3nd1ess Před 2 hodinami
Thing is, this isn't testing anyone's strength, it's a demonstration that a repetitive task is tiring after a long time. Even the most simplistic task you can think of will take its toll on you. Hell, dont even use a weight, just curl your arm 1000 times over. It's gonna feel sore.
Zedlen Před 20 dny
I love how Bradley started at 500 and when jimmy said the other guy did 25000 he was like “I’m tripling that” 😂
Ayo Dusk
Ayo Dusk Před 7 dny
well if you can hear and comprehend he said he could go on forever 500 isn't that much and you can hear him cut himself off. then later before Mr beast reveals the number he says 1 million 500k I don't know. So use your brain
Eduardo Bobe
Eduardo Bobe Před 18 dny
Lmao yea willpower can only go so far, I bet the guy went until he literally looked at his arm and said "move damnnit!" Lmao like yea, willpower can only get you so far, I'm sure he tried his best. He wanted that money lol
Sir Gizmo
Sir Gizmo Před 18 dny
@DarkJoker thats what he meant. He jumps down from 500 000 to 75 000
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman Před 18 dny
If you’re not retarded you can hear him say 500k-1million
Devin Hoyt
Devin Hoyt Před 18 dny
You might have 4 thousand likes…… but your comment is still funny and underrated 😂
Logic Hurtz
Logic Hurtz Před 8 dny
Love this man. Be changing lives for sure.
Terry Brown
Terry Brown Před 2 dny
I'd say he probably max out at 40-50k. He's probably thinking all it takes is strength. It's really an endurance test. The pain will get to him way before 500k
Abhijith s Rajput II
"I'll do 500 idk" "But this guy did 25k" "I'll do triple easily" Bro's ego was hurt
Nolan Chompski
Nolan Chompski Před 2 dny
@Ayo Duskhow about use your brain tripling 25k is 75k… no where near 500k. He only even said he’d triple it because he was shocked at the other dudes number after he guessed a weak number lol
kdot Před 2 dny
He probably said 500 just like ya idc but then for money he’ll actually try slow
Will Patterson
Will Patterson Před 4 dny
I'll do 500 before my wrist is hurtsies
Ayo Dusk
Ayo Dusk Před 5 dny
@JERICK D. BALANSAG his ego wasn't hurt because there was literally nothing he did out of the ordinary for a competitive comparison
@Ayo Dusk bro wdym "use your brain" dawg he said he was prob weak and with his phrasing it seems that he was saying that is is stronger than him so that explains why his ego is destroyed, think before you speak
DudeBro Před 9 dny
He started out by saying 500 and then when he heard that a dude did 25,000 he said he could triple it. Kind of sad that he couldn’t just commend the guy for doing so many.
Kyoxre Před 21 hodinou
Yall didnt hear him say a million.. 500k.. Lmao clean yo ears fool
Alejandro Plasencia
He literally said 1 million before beast said anything tf 😂
Alex Abplanalp
Alex Abplanalp Před 4 dny
I had a friend who I worked out with who did the same thing. Never congratulated other guys that lifted more than him, he always just tried to be better than everyone else. Needless to say we are not friends anymore.
Lucid Myst1c
Lucid Myst1c Před 4 dny
lmao he literally said 500,000 or a million
Red Earth
Red Earth Před 4 dny
Cosmo Před 17 dny
Bro ego bursted 😂😂😂 “that dudes probably weak” “oh I’ll easily triple it” 😂😂😂😂 okay egotistical 😂😂
Ayo Dusk
Ayo Dusk Před 7 dny
well if you can hear and comprehend he said he could go on forever 500 isn't that much the later before Mr beast reveals the number he says 1 million 500k I don't know. So use your brain
Teresa Ashby
Teresa Ashby Před 7 dny
@Land_shark_man yes
Land_shark_man Před 7 dny
@Teresa Ashby so we are at a common ground here
Teresa Ashby
Teresa Ashby Před 8 dny
@Land_shark_man that's not misinformation I never said there wouldn't be consequences
Land_shark_man Před 8 dny
@Teresa Ashby um if you tear your muscle and keep going you can have irreversible damage to your muscles that makes it so it will never be the same again so maybe don’t spread misinformation
Hao Quach
Hao Quach Před 3 dny
I mean the other guy wasn’t on drugs like Bradley was 😂
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Před 4 dny
At some point it becomes less about the 1lb and more about the arm being sore from doing the same motion for so long.
Javi Del Val
Javi Del Val Před 5 dny
omg I would literally PAY good money to see this clown fail after a hundred
SkullTro0per-_- Před 5 dny
It's so weird hearing MrBeast cussing. He seems like the type of person who wouldn't cuss.
AJE23 Před 20 dny
Jesus I could feel the insecurity through the screen 😂
One Sans
One Sans Před 13 dny
​@sls he said a Million thats not confidence thats stupidity if he does non stop curls 1 curl per second doing 1 Million curls would take over 11 days.
Justin SkiUnfall
Justin SkiUnfall Před 17 dny
@Darkside 20B You have probably never seen someone looking like him at a labour job because the work that goes into looking like him is his job. That is like saying you have never seen someone who is a teacher work at a labour job. Obviously they aren't doing both at the same time...
Justin SkiUnfall
Justin SkiUnfall Před 17 dny
@flaykez How is that critique? The guy is assuming that the man in the video would be doing poorly in an activity completely unrelated to the vid. In any other case this would be bullying (e.g. This chess player probably couldnt bench the bar), but here it's okay because he is big?
flaykez Před 17 dny
@Justin SkiUnfall you’re allowed to criticize others, no need to ride this guys dick all day
FEARGARDEN Před 17 dny
​@sls yeah? putting down another person he's never seen in his life before sure strikes as confidence and definitely not a arrogant 'hot shit' lol
arjyajyoti goswami
The weight of anything depends on how long you hold it. Goes for thoughts, regrets, emotions as well
bibbyshibby Před 20 hodinami
Larger muscles would require more oxygen and you would tire faster. This is an endurance thing not a strength thing.
Seeeabaasss #I likeTransformers
If I was Jimmy I would have said "okay you do the challenge, but you don't want any money if you don't at least triple it"
George Saunders
George Saunders Před 2 dny
This isn't about the weight, it's the endurance of the muscle
Dragon Silver Keeper 🐉🐲
I like how he went from 500 to a million to 500 thousand then triples the 25,000 making it 75,000 lol
ItsFlom Před dnem
Honestly it might be harder for him, he has larger arms, has to curl the weight of his arms more, the 1 pound weight barely does anything.
allahhustlaralla Před 8 dny
A few years ago I did 2kg for 300 reps in two sets with 15s rest between sets. I gave up before muscle failure. The 3 days of "pain is gain" wasn't fun.
Broken Battery
Broken Battery Před 6 dny
Mans said 500 then he heard the other guy did it for a day so he upped it to a million. then realized a million is a fuck ton so he lowered it to 500k. then heard 25k so he knew 500k was impossible so he tripled 25k to 75k. The rollercoaster Bradley just went through 😂
“Slightly smaller than you tho” 😹 had to give him the reassurance so he doesn’t feel bad
Eli Kanavaros
Eli Kanavaros Před 14 dny
@Jxmmy Kriminal Live! Tell me one thing I said that's incorrect?
Jxmmy Kriminal Live!
@Eli Kanavaros no you’re wrong what you’re saying is fraudulent it’s misinformation you’re a fraud you’re not legit you’re wrong
Eli Kanavaros
Eli Kanavaros Před 15 dny
@Anthony Wheeler Why are you telling me I can't use limited sample size? I'm not using anecdotes to justify or argue anything. I was just giving an example of a case that is commonly misunderstood, people think bodyweight and equate that to "small muscles" but actually if you look closely a lot of those guys just have big muscles and are lean or have good leverages.
Anthony Wheeler
Anthony Wheeler Před 15 dny
@Eli Kanavaros, no you can’t use your limited sample size of a few large guys, if I can’t. My buddies me, Gabe Randall, Keenan, tyrell, and Seth are all skinny guys to but they can lift a ton of weight too. All infantry boys. I wasn’t infantry, I was just an 88M. Truck driver. So I’m telling about my 6 person group and all of us could lift at least double our body weight. I’m pretty sure Randy and Seth can still lift double their body weight. I have cancer and seizures so I don’t get to do anything weights or other dangerous activities that could injure or kill me or others if I were to have a seizure. I don’t drive anymore, I pay people to mow in the summer and shovel snow in the winter.
lvl30dragon Před 16 dny
​@ShloMoeno he wasn't.
Sapheyer Soft Sounds
The trick is to pace it. You go out the gates doing 1 every second, you're gonna burn out faster than you think
PluggedInn Před 5 dny
Small ego man: “I’m tripling that easy”
Owen Plourde
Owen Plourde Před 4 dny
Lmfao. Doesn’t even know the guy and suddenly knows that he can triple it… Also. Why does he swear after every breath?
Alex Před 7 dny
Humbleness of this man: 👌
Expression Gaming
Expression Gaming Před 17 dny
“I’m doing triple that easily” no you aren’t 😂😂😂
coldest ML
coldest ML Před 8 dny
​@Expression Gaming oh I'll be counting to 75k even if you give me just half that, don't underestimate poverty.
One Sans
One Sans Před 13 dny
​@Matthew bro if you are doing 1 curl per second 75000 curls would take over 20 hours 100k would take over a day he aint doin that.
Ryder Před 13 dny
Idk all those insane amounts of gear he’s on might say otherwise
sadns1 Před 13 dny
@Korey_Keith man’s ego was hurt and said I’ll triple that 😂 he is a clown 🤡
Devin Olivas-Cruz
Devin Olivas-Cruz Před 14 dny
@Chris Perry Im sorry but triple of what that “bird” did is 75,000
SirCatsal0t Před 7 dny
Most humble and confident person ever.
"Fragile ego this one has" - Master Yoda
"Fragile ego this one has" - Master Yoda
Samsung A03s
Samsung A03s Před 2 dny
beast: how many times could you curl it? brad: fuc**n forever lol 🤣 😂
Coda Boggs
Coda Boggs Před 16 dny
“He’s probably weak!” “No he’s not a celebrity!” Lol
SherlockWho Před 6 dny
@CliQue Bradley Martyn? Is that you? Did you end up tripling it?🤣🤣🤣
zombie pussy
zombie pussy Před 6 dny
​@Kenny terry crews walks out
Coda Boggs
Coda Boggs Před 8 dny
@Havel Gomes right? Jealous? All I did was quote the video cause I thought it was funny. People be fishing for whatever they can these daya
Havel Gomes
Havel Gomes Před 9 dny
@Kenny Passive aggressive much?
NessunO Před 10 dny
@sean james you are one of the dumbest idiots I have ever talked to. Feel free to think whatever you want. If you think I care in any way, shape, or form, about your opinion, an absolute nobody, and an absolute idiot, you're delusional. The world doesn't revolve around you. Nobody cares about your opinion. And surely nobody does anything to impress you, nor look intelligent in your eyes. Now, keep thinking whatever the f you want you little kid. You are absolutely patetic Edit: also, I like how you avoided actually replying. How does using venerate and pinnacle make me intelligent? And even if I wanted to use them to sound intelligent, why do you care? How sad is your life you have to bother others with this? How stupid and ignorant are you, for not knowing the word venerate, and judging others for using it? Also I like how you accuse of me of using big words to sound intelligent, when I've never once again done that. It's almost like I choose those exact words to convey a message. It's almost like, unless who reads is an idiot like you, they understand those big and intelligent words I've used It's almost like they aren't intelligent words at all, and you learn them is primary school. Can't wait for you to avoid replying once again, and triple, or quadruple down on your stupidity.
Trip9 Před 6 dny
He won $25,000. I'm wondering how much he had to spend on medical bills afterwards.
River Před 6 dny
some dudes who are that big legitimately deserve to live life at like 110 lbs, this dude does not deserve his size with that ego
Blazing Mega
Blazing Mega Před 4 dny
Mrbeast didnt mention while his arm was tired he did a 50 or 25 pound weight to double the cash
Matte Před 5 dny
Man was upset when he realized he wasn't the strongest person in the world
Bluefish Před 18 dny
The ego feels like a wet blanket 😵‍💫
Hector Valadez
Hector Valadez Před 2 dny
@Grayson once again, thanks for letting me know, but you didn’t change my mind, and i don’t care. have a good life 👍
Grayson Před 3 dny
@Hector Valadez That's not the definition of confidence it's arrogance thinking you're better and getting overly fixated on curling 1pd dumbells is just him being insecure
Hector Valadez
Hector Valadez Před 3 dny
@James Sunderland that’s confidence, you can have your opinion, and i can have mine. thank you for sharing that with me, but you did not change my mind. you can stay average. have a great life 👍
Ruben MOK
Ruben MOK Před 4 dny
Sounds like you’ve never made a dollar or been in any competitive business scene
James Sunderland
James Sunderland Před 4 dny
​@Hector Valadez he is in fact not confident. Confident ppl dont need to justify their qualities to others 'i am stronger than that weak guy for sure ! I m three times as strong' . Come on, go out more stop being a walking L
Shawn Pye
Shawn Pye Před dnem
I'll take the bet he can't triple it!!
soZmify Před 7 dny
Damn, his ego was shattered 😂
Dustin Rodenberg
Dustin Rodenberg Před 2 dny
I could do 1 million 🥴 one every two seconds for 23 days straight 🤦
Elvin Terai
Elvin Terai Před 3 dny
He's lying .... Even just by using your hand alone...you will get exhausted, especially with those muscles...they will lock up way easily
Kingston Alexander
He was like “oh baby a triple” fr
nut Před 18 hodinami
you can tell bro is trying to compensate for sum, he the type to drive a huge lifted truck and tailgate you
Ian McCormick
Ian McCormick Před dnem
he's gunna go home and buy some 1 lbs dB to test his theory. lol
Jack Travis
Jack Travis Před dnem
“Slightly smaller than you but similar” js hilarious
Ma M
Ma M Před 23 dny
lets see it happen, homes
Matthew McCain
Matthew McCain Před 23 hodinami
​@Ma M it's the same slang 🤣 you're just spelling it wrong cuz you don't understand where it started
Laurice Pimentel
Laurice Pimentel Před 11 dny
@Textured Frog wtf are you even saying anymore " homes a veces"
gramblrr Před 11 dny
75k likes 75 replies
Nodical Před 12 dny
@Chris Homes
Mav Vynne
Mav Vynne Před 12 dny
@N8vHokage SSJ3 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jose Montes
Jose Montes Před 5 dny
You can smell the insecurities this dude has
دآچ ممد
دآچ ممد Před 3 dny
"slightly smarter than you" 😂
markell pyatt
markell pyatt Před 5 dny
He needs to be humbled 😭
Bobby Macblain
Bobby Macblain Před 6 dny
“He’s slightly smaller than you.” Nah that guy was WAY smaller than Brad. Just straight muscle mass he is levels behind Brad 😂
_Adrian_ 07
_Adrian_ 07 Před 18 dny
broski sounds so insecure tryna one up a guy he don’t know 😭😭
_Adrian_ 07
_Adrian_ 07 Před 9 dny
@tybr mad at a comment with 3k likes, yo ass just as weak LMAOOO💀
tybr Před 9 dny
@_Adrian_ 07 u a cornball bro stop talking trust
HAPPY EMOJI Před 9 dny
@Ryan Ab Also don’t think this is necessarily shitty behavior
HAPPY EMOJI Před 9 dny
@_Adrian_ 07 yep definitely is. That’s literally the point tho. It happens a lot but people don’t realize. For example the CS-vidr Morgz got called cringe and annoying and made money from it. This guy is getting a lot of interactions by comments like mine and yours. It’s an entertainment BUSINESS you’ll probably learn more about tricks like these the more time u spend consuming entertainment
HAPPY EMOJI Před 9 dny
@Ryan Ab Not sure were you found this “justifying” part but sure thing
Chris Longmire
Chris Longmire Před 3 hodinami
Let’s call it 1 curl per second and assume you don’t slow down at all until you stop. If my math is correct, 25000 curls should take about 7 hours. Triple? Good luck.
Moi A
Moi A Před 7 dny
Amazing how many comments think brad was serious, hes obviously joking
Splotched Před 6 dny
Beast is literally giving him the actual facts of what happened and the guy just doesn't want to listen.
Steve Před 3 dny
Poor grock has hurt feelings. Bets down. If you can't do triple you pay Mr Beast $75k
SE dxmz
SE dxmz Před 7 dny
Once he started roasting an innocent guy you could tell he's narcissistic
Nathan Blangez
Nathan Blangez Před 8 dny
Seing him swear still is so weird 🤣
Devin Garcia
Devin Garcia Před dnem
He's doing triple his normal dose to do it.
Vince Před 9 dny
For those commenters saying inflated ego, he cut himself from "500(K)" then clarified later "500K-1 million" before even it was revealed the dude got 25k and saying triple that. Dumbass commenters right here
Jordan3110 Před 20 dny
"that guys probably weak tho".. literally never seen him in his life
John 117
John 117 Před 12 dny
@Hippy Chick 420 Your definition of funny is not the same as everyone else
Hippy Chick 420
Hippy Chick 420 Před 12 dny
​@John 117 jokes are meant to be funny.
Hippy Chick 420
Hippy Chick 420 Před 12 dny
​@Rich Mond jokes are usually funny.
Hippy Chick 420
Hippy Chick 420 Před 12 dny
​@Panther 75 & who said that was the appropriate time? That man wasn't sitting there trash talking him? Jimmy asked a simple question and Mr giant ego couldn't just be a man and not insult someone he's never even met. Confident people don't carry themselves like that either.
CliQue Před 12 dny
​@Panther 75 'baby doll' 💀
DrBlueAL Před 5 dny
he went from 500 to triple of 25k. thats what being juiced does to you
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan Před 8 dny
This guys so cool I wanna be just like him
Azell Před 3 dny
this just sounds like an injury waiting to happen lol
Tom Koa
Tom Koa Před 6 dny
This is not a “challenge with Brad” this is them simply talking about a challenge another guy did..
FendrZwag Před 16 dny
"Fcking... 500 idk" "25.000. I would tripple that easily"
Javi Del Val
Javi Del Val Před 5 dny
these comments literally make me lose hope in humanity
Handlz Před 7 dny
He said 500k not 500
Ahmed Walid
Ahmed Walid Před 7 dny
No one's gonna talk about how many times did they say (f*king)
Darren Egan
Darren Egan Před 8 dny
@Vlad Gor “realistic” 🤣🤣🤣
Dave Před 8 dny
@Vlad Gor its not a baseline, he doesnt know who the other guy is or what his routine workout looks like, saying he can triple it is just as much of a random guess as the 500 was. The only thing we know for sure is that he has a fragile ego.
carson phillips
carson phillips Před dnem
“Similar build as you” Proceeds to show a fat guy…… chill Mr “beast”
rebecca rickerd
rebecca rickerd Před 8 hodinami
🤣🤣🤣 jimmy da best when hes cussin.
John Sneaker
John Sneaker Před 7 dny
I’m very confuzzled to why everyone is saying that this guy has an ego for, So he guesses that he can curl a 1lb weight about 500 times, but when he’s told that somebody smaller than him can curl 25000 times afterwards, he then changed his answer to a much bigger than 25000, how does that make him egotistical? Doesn’t his new answer makes more sense then sticking with his original thought? You expected his answer to not change when presented with new information?
Lina Miller
Lina Miller Před 6 dny
My man needs to lift a few books from time to time lol
Evie Před 23 dny
This guy is wayyy too confident in his abilities 💀
aubrey Před 14 dny
He's just a bs'er
Andre.Billy Před 17 dny
@Roger This isn’t heavyweight, this is endurance lifting. That lactic acid building up in the bicep and the repetitive strain on the wrist wouldn’t be much fun 😅
A A Před 17 dny
nothing wrong with that
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell Před 17 dny
He's a meathead lmao
ajcruzer92 Před 17 dny
@Roger 🤡 yes really
tyler joyce
tyler joyce Před 9 dny
i’d love to see that guy not do half of what the first guy did.
Mr. G-sez
Mr. G-sez Před 8 dny
dude goes from 500 to 500k to a million 🤣
Bigcountry 5400
Bigcountry 5400 Před 5 dny
But… did he? Did he ever triple it or was that just his ego catchin up to him?
Bro so powerful that his strength grows as his ego is tested
Tom Bowley
Tom Bowley Před 21 dnem
‘I’d do 500’ ‘he did 25,000’ ‘I’d triple that’ Tf😂😂😂😂😂
marcel Před 10 dny
​@JEFFREYdude that's is what is on your mind. We haven't even see him doing it.
Mike Holt
Mike Holt Před 16 dny
@JEFFREY no its not. 500 to forever = infinite curls, 500k to forever also = infinite curls
zglocc💨 Před 16 dny
@Mrn than 1 mill😂
JimmyTowz Před 16 dny
@Tom Bowley It's ok, you don't have to give a response with any substance. Just take the L though.
Tim Ahn
Tim Ahn Před 16 dny
He meant 500,000
SherlockWho Před 6 dny
Brad has the biggest ego ever, ever though people constantly put him in his place
Manshell Ramos
Manshell Ramos Před 3 dny
If I can do 100 I’ll be a happy. It will be $100 more in my pocket. 😂😂
chris gold fitness
chris gold fitness Před 23 hodinami
He’s not gonna triple it if anything a smaller athlete would do more because he’s not going to get pumped as quick
Evan Townsend
Evan Townsend Před 5 dny
Hes gonna regret sayimg triple that after he hits number 25001 and has 50K to go 🤣
P.J. Durran
P.J. Durran Před 4 dny
I’d prob get cramped up after a couple thousand tbh lol even if it’s just 1 lb
jordon kenzie
jordon kenzie Před 20 hodinami
Lol this dude is the definition of ego lifting
🙂 “probably like 500-“ “this guy did 25,000” 🙃
Joe B
Joe B Před 7 dny
He wouldn’t even do 25k 🤣🤣🤣
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