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This song is called "Give Me A Kiss" by Crash Adams and it's OUT NOW everywhere🔥
I Can't Believe This Actually Happened during our performance - We performed our new song "Give Me A Kiss" in public and something surprised us!
@TheDonutDoctor is playing guitar on this! Go subscribe/follow!✅
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Hey, we're Crash Adams, two musicians who are best friends from Toronto who love to make pop/alternative music. You may have seen us doing viral stunts in the middle of the street with our red couch, to help spread our music! We produce, write, sing, mix and master all of our songs, and we love showcasing this music in a fun and humorous way through public pranks and performances in the middle of the street. We love to see how people react!
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9. 11. 2023





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@TheDonutDoctor Před 19 dny
Can't believe I ran into you guys 😂 Was legit listening to give me a kiss in the car that morning!! Anyone who wants to learn 🎸 hit up my channel!
@Pengunuin Před 19 dny
@CrashAdams Před 19 dny
The donut doctor brought the goods🔥🔥🔥🎸
@user-wl3rg9lw3f Před 19 dny
Your music is so good❤
@CuteBoyLesh Před 19 dny
That was KILLER! Love your CS-vid channel
@GamerBoy-xj6fx Před 19 dny
He's so GOOD
@lunaslunpias9302 Před 13 dny
“Do you solo?””A lil bit.” So humble
@walshy2116 Před 12 dny
I wonder why? 🫤
@garrisonsavage2323 Před 12 dny
Probably cuz it’s staged
@guywholoveshisdog Před 12 dny
@@garrisonsavage2323my god can you just let people enjoy something?
@Yer_Mother Před 3 dny
Can we talk about how beautiful his damn guitar is???
@soul9652 Před 2 dny
10 year old mfs: errmmm he's gay because it has a bit of rainbow☝🤓
@Kancol937 Před 2 dny
I’m just gonna stick with my red sparkle Telecaster 😭
He has the guitar of a signature artist. He has to be going places
@user-mm4mk9xv9t Před dnem
@PAIsen_SUKI Před 3 dny
When someone says a "little bit," trust me, he/she is really good at it 😅😂
@ralphcuevas4694 Před 19 dny
Damn he got TALENT
@lightthemerblxyt12 Před 19 dny
Yes, yes he does
@miafudge1323 Před 18 dny
Fr though
@aidenwalker5380 Před 18 dny
@losc.1587 Před 17 dny
Ftr ⚡️⚡️⚡️
@brockbeavers3947 Před 3 dny
I absolutely adore this guy’s “I’m killin’ it” face. He definitely feels what he plays. It’s inspiring.
The more I listen to the solo the more impressed I become with it
@user-tl3tl4tt9l Před 8 dny
"yeah I play a little bit" Proceeds to melt everyone's face off in 100 mile radius
250 likes and no comments? Let me fix that
@Awatchway Před 7 dny
"yeah i play a little bit" when he said that he meant he plays solo for a little bit but he plays duo or trio or quadruple a lot
@user-tl3tl4tt9l Před 7 dny
@@johannawilliams1039 hahaha thanks for the love
@lotanowo Před 7 dny
It’s a very simple scale he’s playing. In fact, they’re all playing in the safest way possible.
@user-tl3tl4tt9l Před 6 dny
@@lotanowo Grab the next 1000 people off the street and they either won't be able to play guitar at all, or won't play through that scale nearly as smooth. It's impressive.
@bsweat9230 Před 3 dny
Wow! His playing gave me goose bumps! He's got talent!!! ❤
@agente38 Před 11 dny
He's a whole character: Sparkly guitar box, vibrant rainbow neck and shiney belt. Really draweable.
@guudbyenme3399 Před 11 dny
He's actually toned it down. He used to have teal hair.
@simonfraser1491 Před 10 dny
That's serious talent. He deserves 40M views
IT smells rock n roll, and funk all night. I can smell bb and Jimmy of him
@Aokitadamitsu Před 3 dny
I love his feel, a good solo needs soul and packing, not just shredding but he hit them both in the proper cadence!!! killed it!!
@Twilight635 Před 3 dny
Bro's literally shining like his guitar!!!!🎉🎉
@widflowerdonator7556 Před 11 hodinami
@Twilight635 Před 11 hodinami
@@widflowerdonator7556 Nothing to laugh about
@BCTS Před 15 dny
He was so modest about his talent. He was absolutely fantastic on the guitar. Bless him
@__________770 Před 13 dny
nothing more than ordinary mk
@petchai4814 Před 13 dny
My dear musicians, should I tell him?
@DarkKnight-wf3po Před 13 dny
​@@petchai4814 leave them happy...
@iwannasmell Před 13 dny
This bullshit lol this guitarist has been a massive influencer for like yearsss, he is also really not a humble guy lol
@delnaGeorges Před 13 dny
I love your song
@reniervanrooyen1704 Před 20 hodinami
Twenty million votes for the 'Donut Doctor' Absolute Genius!!!
@user-sv9vg8hw3n Před dnem
Bro waited his whole life for that moment and did not disappoint 😂😂😂
@os_clipz Před 19 dny
That guy has insane talent he’s going places
​@jerrylouiswiththethickness6403that's quite rude
​@@alchemishamichelle51but sadly its quite true
@RevoZ0 Před 15 dny
@@alchemishamichelle51been playing guitar for 10 years jazz bands marching bands i know how to make a song solos all of it never made a penny from music 😂
@user-ne1oj8ey5h Před 3 dny
These guys spread ❤and sunshine wherever they go 😊
Damn, the DONUT DOCTOR is the goat 🐐
@stanky3964 Před 5 dny
“do you play guitar?” says the cameraman to the dude with guitar on his back
@dasboot5903 Před 4 dny
*Who knows ?? > Maybe he just only was carrying "the coffin" for somebody's else electric guitar ??* :o)
@en1te Před 4 dny
"no, I play bass."
@gersoncallada9851 Před 4 dny
"no, I play your mom"
@XeL__ Před 4 dny
thx for explaining what ive saw
@jae-dub5555 Před 3 dny
That solo was nasty 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@Queen4Ever123 Před 3 dny
This deserves more views
@SilasRayBurns Před 19 dny
His guitar is sick
@CheddarCheese5 Před 18 dny
Fr. I want one like that but I’d rather have the neck be all pink lol
@jamesaditya5254 Před 18 dny
Well, good thing there's a doctor right there!
@wendylai5787 Před 18 dny
Did you see the same guy he asked if he could play guitar?
@Zero-dn3bq Před 18 dny
James that was kinda funny 💀
@otzeus Před 16 dny
You meaning a flu? Items dont catch cold..
@TheRaySng Před hodinou
I bet he has been practicing guitar for many years it sounds so beautiful
Not only did he rock that shit but his guitar looks cool AF
@denver426 Před 3 dny
@brianandrews6552 Před 3 dny
I don’t like the rainbow keyboard, too woke for me, I can’t be associated w/ people who make up their own reality
​@@brianandrews6552ye same
​@brianandrews6552 I think it's just a design, bro
@@MinatoNamikaze-rc9tn maybe
@parushibhasin8441 Před 2 dny
can we just admire his guitar for one sec like it is beautiful as hell
@sonixuggh5782 Před 3 dny
You know once you see his guitar that he is the one that will make you cry beautiful brooo Damn
@sarahidk5767 Před 10 dny
“NoOoO I don’t play guitar”got me laughing on the floor💀
@Alfskini Před 9 dny
get off the floor then tf 😂💀
I thought I was the only one
@matrixcoatlus Před 9 dny
Nouuaghh it's Nuooouuahg
@maniacb9171 Před 4 hodinami
That guitar is drop dead gorgeous.
@jorgegarcia-jd1iq Před 3 dny
Gives me chills...and the guitar is super!!!!!❤❤❤
@gigibays6587 Před 12 dny
His talent is an incredible gift, his modest heart is equally amazing!
@JstCauseB Před 3 dny
His guitar is gorgeous! He bodied that solo! ❤
@somone82 Před 18 hodinami
The way both of them hype him to encourage him ❤❤❤
@nivya2312 Před 14 dny
A humble person made everyone jaw dropped
@iwannasmell Před 13 dny
This bullshit lol this guitarist has been a massive influencer for like yearsss, he is also really not a humble guy lol
@KaguraBasher1023 Před 13 dny
Humble Gigachad
Hats off the Donut Doctor, killer freestyle performance. Nailed it! He crossed 27 million views.
@pauljang7585 Před 40 minutami
I wanna use a guitar like that at church during Sunday worship
@lulesirius Před 12 dny
He was ready before you even asked him. He absolutely killed it 🔥
@owehmercy8661 Před 10 dny
I want you to come over and 📱🎮
@FaithPlays_MM2 Před 3 dny
He's HELLA good
@DavidGarcia-ll5zh Před 2 dny
@ELRADONE Před 12 dny
There is some seriously talented people out there...
@iseeyou3352 Před 11 dny
It's not as hard as it looks and when it comes to music talent doesn't exist. It's called WORK
@duck2434 Před 11 dny
@@iseeyou3352that’s not true. Perfect pitch, tone deafness, good hand eye coordination, and many others people are born with and can’t overcome.
@alfredshadap9270 Před 11 dny
He rock it man..
Ikr I play the flute
@zephyrmusic_ Před 11 dny
That's not talent that's work.
@yoshimi_died Před 14 hodinami
Hell yeah, he's Prince younger brother...❤
@Overell13 Před 10 dny
These freestyle videos are the BEST promotion for your songs. Respect
@mikudubskasai8725 Před 9 dny
news flash, It’s fake
@ArthurPrince03 Před 9 dny
@@mikudubskasai8725it’s still a freestyle video. It’s still promoting his songs. What’s ur point
@cocogoat3434 Před 9 dny
@@ArthurPrince03this is all staged
@hirnfaser7245 Před 9 dny
for your song* you mean? never heard them play anything else than this chorus
@mrm2195 Před 9 dny
Does all your song sound all the same
@jtowey14 Před dnem
The EMG pick ups on the strat 🙏🙏. My guy earned mad respect in the metal community lol
@MrMajorBusiness Před 3 dny
This man is a whole guitar teacher
@RunningRiotRich Před 9 dny
That dude can shred. Props to the Dr.
@kiia_n Před 2 dny
He's amazing you should always you need to tell him every single day the play that guitar that was lovely ❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊❤
@elvergonzalez9010 Před 12 dny
I love that he was even tapping his foot. A real musician indeed
@AiceXIV Před 11 dny
It's not really an indicator for a real musician, but yeah he is
@mariecharles1992 Před 11 dny
@nxesr Před 11 dny
So sick mannnnm😮😮
@nxesr Před 11 dny
What the
@seanstoltz6957 Před 6 dny
@leeseung5201 Před 3 dny
@cheers1061 Před 13 dny
The Donut Doctor definitely did not disappoint!! 👌👌🙌🙌
@DavidDeland-rn7rb Před 12 dny
He killed it!! 😮😊❤
@Anonymous-hm2jb Před 12 dny
Count how many D you used to comment that 😂😂
@cheers1061 Před 12 dny
@@Anonymous-hm2jb And your point is??
@iamnoob3931 Před 12 dny
​@@cheers1061A joke. Learn to take it. If you want a nerdy reply then you used repetitive alliteration.
@cheers1061 Před 12 dny
@@iamnoob3931 And did I ask for your opinion?? 🙄🙄🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
@Skytran Před 2 dny
Can we talk about the flawless tapping he just did there.
Its a big wow ❤i love the way he used guitar really amazing ❤❤❤❤❤and that man is so humble with magnificent talent,, salute from Philippines
@avinmoghim8663 Před 11 dny
@MisterRorschach90 Před 11 dny
He’s selling it for 7 grand on reverb. Lol
@jst_chillin Před 10 dny
Not straight however
@jerryston3837 Před 10 dny
@multifandomdg1357 Před 10 dny
​@@jst_chillin I guess that's exactly why he has better style than most
@johnnycly Před 3 dny
Damn he got Talent and he was a great player ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
What a talent!! Congrats!! A virtuous guitar player!! An example to all of us who are play playing to improve!! Got my respect!! 👏👏👏
@IchBinSylvester Před 12 dny
Okey, but bro has the most wholesome smile I've ever seen
@ronaldodhar01 Před 3 dny
Bro spends his whole life by carrying guiter for this moment!
@uwemakpaikpe7176 Před 3 dny
This guy is more than a PRO!!!
His guitar is beautiful. The rainbow neck, the sparkly body, the shiny strap, it’s simply beautiful
@666sk8erguy Před 2 dny
Jazz Masters are the coolest looking guitars imo
@drumiller4692 Před 2 dny
helllll no
@adelynculotta7830 Před 2 dny
Hell yeah bruh! I also am very instrumental. I play violin with my grandmother. We could jam up bruh! 😂😂❤
@user-ep5su1gg9u Před 2 dny
Was that kanye West
@smitty1898 Před dnem
It’s probably one of the top 10 best guitar singer I ever seen😮😮
@natetorrey1855 Před 3 dny
@Nerdy_guy. Před 13 dny
"Do you solo?" ”little bit" *does a whole thing better then soloing*
@petchai4814 Před 13 dny
My dear musicians, should I tell him?
@Nerdy_guy. Před 13 dny
@@petchai4814 tell me he did solo and here to grammar?
@Nerdy_guy. Před 13 dny
@@petchai4814 yea figured
@joaoprestes923 Před 13 dny
@@petchai4814 I think you should...
What he did was a solo..
@FoundKind Před 3 dny
🔥🔥🔥All hail the DonutDoctor! Love it
@saneleader6351 Před 3 dny
And,...he is humble! Talented!
@kyrenaz Před 12 dny
When you're able to turn the heads of people walking by like that, then you know you got talent.
He is unbelievably talented!
@mikejackson8963 Před 2 dny
That dude killed that solo deeeaaaadddd
@shunsuke0522 Před 11 dny
He can fricking SHRED but still humble at the same time.. I'll look for this guy in social media platforms EVERYWHERE
Really awesome. Let's make it viral for him.
I believe that's a Stratocaster or a Telecaster, but what a beautiful, wet, full sound! The distortion is incredible as well. This dude is SO amazing and that hammering he was doing was ridiculous! ❤ A+ to the Donut Doctor!
@MrPilotStunts Před 9 dny
That was a sick solo, and a wonderful pop rock fusion you made together
@wave_gamess6287 Před 3 dny
That guitar is ICONIC.
@sehbaseher4231 Před 3 dny
His guitar is gorgeous
@dj.hitler Před 6 dny
it's not talent ... it's practice ... a lot of practice
@maxelysolis3929 Před 6 dny
24 million viewers damn ❤️🥳
@urvashijha-xv6xf Před 5 dny
@cynthiadavis9917 Před 3 dny
He DID that! Fire 🔥
@Colstan Před 3 dny
men, he's good!
@UrbanNightmare83 Před 17 dny
His guitar is freaking dope af! Did a fantastic job as well!!!
@martinmarty7995 Před 15 dny
He is so talented
@mithranrajesh2084 Před 15 dny
Bro his guitar had 🌈 🌈
@mithranrajesh2084 Před 15 dny
But he is very talented
Rainbow 🌈 guitar🎸
@user-gz9im3mz3d Před 3 dny
If that's a gen ordinary guy that you met on the street, then God bless him ❤
@hitman19971 Před 2 dny
When a dude pulls out a guitar like THAT you know he can PLAY
@cyndigooch1162 Před 11 dny
I'm an oldie and can verify that this young man is an exceptionally talented guitarist and I love the colours as well! ❤
@ucanhnguyen9798 Před 10 dny
He is crazy ❤
@xthugx3968 Před 10 dny
its not talent.its hard work
@alster- Před 10 dny
Ur British, "colour? "
@djshadow876 Před 10 dny
Isn't that the pride flag colors? LGBT 🤔
@AbyssalKyanite Před 10 dny
@@djshadow876 No, its a rainbow, not a pride flag.
His guitar is soo beautiful❤
@mitachiuchiha1426 Před 3 dny
His guitar is SO cool! And his skill as well ♥
@aditisatheesh9579 Před 5 dny
"Excuse me ,do u play guitar?" That guy:"nOoOo"
@tylorcan15 Před 4 dny
I like that part😂
@mangoyusuf Před 4 dny
@@tylorcan15 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@shahanamasud3635 Před 4 dny
​@@mangoyusufbro u ok?
@chrissanders2271 Před 4 dny
​@@mangoyusufuhmm learn what words are instead of emojis
@strawb3rry_kisses Před 3 dny
his guitar is soo cool almost as awesome as his talent
@HighestPower Před 10 hodinami
Yeah, dude f'n KILLED it.
@77JMW Před 9 dny
The doctor had the cure. Great solo and great guitar.
@Magutso Před 8 dny
for real
@dstr9563 Před 8 dny
Is this a “the cure” reference😭😭😭💀
@user-hu9bi1vb7g Před 8 dny
Divine blessings to you all💫 He killed it put simply then brought them back to life💫 Divine only💫
@lauragillam3431 Před 3 dny
Bro He was damn GOOD
@zqazi1986able Před 3 dny
This Dude is a Guitar Wizard
@hwh9705 Před 12 dny
Guitar dude has a future in the music industry! Well Done!
@juliettevh3101 Před 12 dny
Nah, too much talented to be in the Music Industry. He's not a pre-made artist, not in the usual standards.
Parece o estilo do Mr Joe Satriani.
@sharkfintech5893 Před 10 dny
He's most likely a session player, which means he's already "in" the music industry. 🎶 🎵
@lebronshipp34 Před 3 dny
That was the definition of shredding!!!
@1Indig0 Před 3 dny
Dude was inspired my a glamorous bucket head that guitar is the epitome of positivity love this
@majnushekh9788 Před 10 dny
That's some serious talent we got here
@MrRationalguy Před 3 dny
That guitar guy is awesome
@briandoile5011 Před 3 dny
He killed it.
Crazy how he caught the vibe of the song and made a killer solo for it in a instant.. that’s someone that lives music
@vishalmundra3935 Před 15 dny
God bless you to believe that 😂
​@@vishalmundra3935exactly i was gonna say "yea in an instant"
@Zachariah_Muzic Před 13 dny
@@vishalmundra3935 He kinda did, and it works the same way with words when we freestyle. God did bless us.
@miggymiggz7963 Před 3 dny
My dude killed it
@Bettyodisho14 Před 3 dny
That was so good and his guitar slays all day
@gogosenpai3940 Před 11 dny
Bro waited whole life for this moment. Damn he played like a real pro guitarist
@jamierodriguez3554 Před 11 dny
No he's just a badass he's just not internationally known
@alecstuckeyguitar Před 11 dny
He is a real pro guitarist… he’s played for a bunch of artists that sell out stadiums
Not to be so offensive about this but lemme tell you that there are many people who can play like this, go learn guitar and you'll see for yourself that it's not that impressive ti play like this
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